But they really give insight to my life seven years ago...and also how much I have changed. I was such a people-pleaser back then. I wanted approval...wanted people to love me, admire me. I wanted to be the person everyone talked nicely about and the person everyone adored.
Then I wanted to be the person that everyone craved.

That's why I ended up breaking a lot of hearts, especially on Gaia. There was a lot of inner turmoil as to: "Who am I? What am I? What am I feeling?"
And I am glad that is all over now.

Growing up can be seen as a curse, but compared to the emotionally destructive teenage years I went through, for me, it was a blessing. But Gaia was there for me through all my self-discovery. It's weird...because if I look through all my accounts, all of my life story for the past 12 years is written here, and it shows me a side of myself that I am glad I grew past.

Guess it just makes me chuckle is all. sweatdrop
But yeah, I am back...hello.

So, speaking of changing and discovering myself, guess I should make another introduction? On this account you can still call me "Flash" or "Lightning" - really doesn't matter.
I am a female.lesbian/happily married. Pleasure to meet you all mrgreen