Chapter 67: {Celley is a play on the word Celery, =P}

Trunks was happy to return home. Bulma had been kind enough to give him more time off so he could focus on working on making a nursery for his child. Bulma was more than happy to help him out as she showed him how most of the stuff worked. He remembered a good chunk of the furniture she had used fo Bulla. The crib, the changing table, a rocking chair, and a few other things. He finds his old blanket and laughs a bit, showing his mom. She just smiles as she tells him different stories about when he was younger. He was a strong willed child.

He even learned how to stand on his own with little help from her. She was always proud of how strong he was. He learned very quickly, no doubt thanks to her side of the family. Of course, Vegeta was smart as well, the man knew how to work ships and even most of the technology in Capsule corp. When Trunks was old enough she allowed Vegeta to train him, he had been five. He still remembered the day he actually hit his dad on the side of his face. Vegeta didn't like it, but he figured deep down the man had been impressed a eight year old could hold his own against the guy.

Trunks feels his tail wrap around his hips as he looks at his mother. "How do you think dad feels about this?" She looks up as she folds a few blankets. "Oh you know him, he's not much for words, but I caught him a few days ago, pacing the hallways." Trunks chuckles softly as he gets everything cleaned up now that the room was ready. "Like when you were about to have Bulla, I never seen him so..stressed." Bulma shrugs a bit as she leans back. "He was in space by the time I figured out I was pregnant with you, so I think it sunk in more since he was around."

That made sense as he got up to give the room a good look. It was perfect. He was at least thankful Bulma had enough sense to not get everything in one color since she wanted to keep Bulla a surprise. "Yeah..speaking of which where is he?" Vegeta was roaming the complex, arms crossed around his chest. He kept his eyes down as he followed the familiar ki of his grandchild. He had been doing this for awhile now, keeping his eyes on the girl. She was asleep outside in a large hammock, she found this spot awhile ago. Now it was her go to place for naps.

He takes a quick glance before he walks over to her. She was out cold as he slowly reaches out and places his hand on her stomach. They had been back for a week now and even he felt, slightly worried. She at least seemed to be getting some rest for a change. However he had to remind himself, if worst came to worst he could get a hold of Whis and have him use his powers to help the child out. Much the same way he had done for Bulla. He didn't know much about labor, but he could only imagine how hard it was.

He takes a slow breath, it killed his own mother after all. He didn't want his son to lose her. He didn't want her to suffer either, the girl had been through enough as it is. She survived a gun shot, torture and traveling through Hell more times than he had. He could feel his brow twitch as he watched her. Her tail just moved slowly as he felt himself smirk. She could get through this, he believed in her. She was a hell of a lot stronger than most he's come across. "Hey dad." He jumps, he had no idea his son was behind him.

Trunks just laughs a bit, catching his dad watching over Sara. It was sweet as Vegeta looks away, crossing his arms once again. "I was just checking up on her..." "Yes dad..." He tries to stop himself from laughing any more as he walks over. She was still asleep. "Hard to imagine not long ago, she couldn't even do this much. I always found her in the library reading." Vegeta just nods, looking the other way. "We're going to name him after you." That made him turn, surprised by that bit of news.

Trunks just shoves his hands into his pockets as he smiles wide. "I feel bad you never got the chance to keep that part of your tradition. But we agreed to call the kid VJ for short to save on confusion." Vegeta glances down, but gives a short nod. He never felt more pride in the boy than he did right at this moment. "Call the kid whatever you want, doesn't matter to me..." He was doing his best to keep the tough guy act going on. Trunks saw through it as he lets out another chuckle. Vegeta glanced up as he frowns. "What if it's a girl?" He lets out a sigh. "Yeah that's what Sara asked...I got nothing."

Vegeta rolled through what little he could recall for Saiyan names for females. Not that he could remember them well. He had been only eight when Frieza demanded he work with his army. The only other Saiyans he knew after that had been Raditz and Nappa. If only he could remember his mothers name. Wasn't easy since his own father didn't speak of her often, it hurt to much. "Celley.." Trunks blinks at the name. "What made you think of that?" Vegeta lets out a low growl. "It was my mothers name...if I remember correctly."

Trunks didn't know much about his grandparents on his father's side. They were dead and that was about as much as Vegeta cared to go into it. The guy always felt it was pointless to linger on memories that he didn't wish to dig up. Trunks just gives his dad a nod. "Alright, for her, even remember her?" He shakes his head. "No, she died bringing me into this world. Losing one's mate, trust me son, it changes you.." Trunks frowns a bit, but nods, understanding why it was so hard for his father to talk about this sort of thing. He didn't want to go through that pain, neither did Vegeta.