I didn't cry.
I didn't when she told me 'Let's not see each other for a while'.
It didn't bother me at all.
Yet your name resounding in my dreams...
It bugged me. A lot.
Who are you?
When and where did I hear your name?
It reverberated in my ears... but I couldn't remember your face.
I couldn't remember seeing your face.

It was puzzling.
Seeing you didn't cross my mind.
But Fate might have other plans.
The sound of your name stopped me in my tracks.
I faced the culprit.
'This person, you say. Where is he?' I asked.
'O-over there' He replied. 'But-'
I couldn't hear the rest.
I was curious.
Who are you?

There you are.
I was seeing you clearly the first time.
But it felt like I've seen you countless times before.
Like your face was already engraved somewhere in my conciousness.
Was it really you?
I had to be sure.
'Are you Misaki?'
I saw both recognition and confusion in your eyes.
Whichever is it?
You didn't speak.
So I did.

'I love you.'

Inspired by Takarai Rihito's Hana no Mizo Shiru. Her work contains homosexual themes. Explore at your own risk.