well maybe. maybe not.

since i expect the worst, things are not that bad. lol.

but i do end up in a lot of little things where one could say "it figures".

went to the grocery store today and they were completely out of 4 of the items i went for.
lucky, one of those items, there was a suitable substitute. actually. i found salted caramel flip yogurt. this sounded better than my usual lime which they were completely out of.
the package says with pretzel and fudge bits. okay! emotion_kirakira

pretzels are in there. sure.
but "fudge" is chocolate chips.

what a lie!

went to mcdonald's in the hopes of getting just 1 tea cup from the hello kitty set.

just today they started a new toy. christmas trains. emotion_8c

they're not major things. but it's like "hahahaha... that's bad luck."


in good news. my mom's constant running to the bathroom has decreased. from 15 ish times a day to 6~8 (?).
she thinks one of the new meds she was put on was doing it.

i'm so glad. like. i couldn't imagine having diarrhea as bad as she has it.

i've realized my mom has like crazy energy or something. all the things she does in a day. holy cow. i mean, i can kind of do them all. i think going up and down the stairs like 12 times a day is what tires me out.... and all the "oh, and do this" and "check that" and "remember to .....".... that really gets to me too. Having to hear all these things to do is more tiring than actually doing them.
ALl these chores are going around and around in her head. No wonder she can't sleep when she lays down at night.


Lately, as I'm laying down (or when i wake up), I think of something I didn't do. and have to go do it. Ugh.

I lived alone for 2 years.. and it was way easier than mom's chores.

I think having your own idea of the things that need to be done, and what order you want to do them in, your own thing at your own time ---- this is important.

It's my groove.

My groove and my mom's groove are completely different.

So, having to completely give up my groove for her way and order of doing things... just.... *sigh*

Best example is.... Mom washes the dinner dishes immediately after dinner. Heck, sometimes she's got them all done by the time I'm done eating. >.>'''
Crazy. I know.
When I cook, I like to eat, then take a break, then wash the dishes at least an hour after eating.
Well, when I cook I start 1.5 to 2 hours before dinner time. I stand and move around pretty much the entire time (and, before all this housework, i typically was on a 30minute walk prior to dinner prep). I've been active and not taken a break.
So after I eat, I like to take a break and digest.
Sometimes when I eat, my stomach needs to just settle. Like tonight. My stomach is bloated feeling, and I ate a little more than it wanted to hold. Ugh. So I still hadn't washed the dishes til 8pm. (went up and checked on mom, had to get her liquids/hydration, so i didn't get to dishes til 8:15...) She was telling me I could stay up there, and I said but I have to go wash dishes... She seemed surprised.
But at least she didn't make a stink out of it. (prior to all of this, she would have nagged me)

Anyway. I'm just venting I guess.