Chapter 66:

Trunks had taken his new wife to the fanciest hotel the world had to offer. He got them the largest room he could find and carries her in as she just giggles at him. He lays her on the king size bed as she starts to try and figure out how to get out of her dress. She was failing horribly as he had to step in and helps her out. Once free she was able to shakes herself off, feeling a bit more free now. She gives him a smirk as she helps him out of his tux. He lets out a low sound as he kisses her. Once the man was in nothing more than his boxers he lays her on the bed.

She just holds onto him as he nuzzles into her neck and kisses her skin. She smiles as she moves her fingers over his body lightly. His own hand rest on her stomach as a large grin spreads across his face. "So how's our little guy?" She caresses his hand lightly as she keeps her eyes on him. "Fine, think he's settled down a bit, bet you can still feel him." He nods as he leans down, laying his head on her growing stomach. "Yeah..sure is a strong one.." He could feel his tail move behind him. He couldn't help but feel slightly worried.

She was strong, but he was starting to wonder if she could handle this. Their child would only continue to get stronger. He turns his eyes back to her, but tries to relax about this. He would be here, he would never leave her side. After a minute or so he gets himself back up and moves to hold her close to him. His tail curls around her stomach as she closes her eyes. He just wanted her safe, and happy. She looked like she was as he caresses her cheek lightly. She gives him a warm smile as he moves closer. "Are you happy love?"

She blinks at his question as she seems to snap out of the daze she was slowly finding herself in. "Of course, how could I not be?" She tightens her hand on his and she starts to fall back to sleep. He watches her, she was out in seconds as he feels his tail move over her slowly. Five months, he was going to be a father. He already had plans to set up some of the old baby stuff his mother had used for Bulla. She had kept everything in the attic just in case someone might need it. They knew so many people it would only be a matter of time before someone became a parent.

Had to be him of all people, not that he really planed this however. The longer he thought about it, the more he was looking forward to this. To living his life with her at his side. She was strong, but she was so much more than that. He soon starts to drift as his thoughts turn to his future. He stayed asleep through the night, keeping his hold on her. His tail never moved from her stomach, it made him feel more connected to their child somehow.

He woke up early, to an empty bed. He blinks and jumps up, looking for his mate. He relaxes as he feels her ki in the bathroom. He laughs a bit as he sits up, the poor thing. He decides to go check on her and knocks on the door lightly. "Hun?" "Mmmff.." He shakes his head slowly, she must be still tired as he opened the door slowly. He finds her, curled up, half asleep on the toilet. He rolls his eyes as he tries to shake her out of it. It takes a few minutes before she comes to and she blushes deeply.

After they take a shower and get dressed he takes her out for some breakfast. He heads for the hotels dining room and finds them a table. He sits her down and kisses the top of her head before going to get them something to eat. The few people there watched them, already gossiping. Some of the higher class there knew Trunks on some level since his mother was so well known. Many of them heard through the rumor mill he was getting married, seemed it was true.

Many of them started to whisper as most rich tend to do. "So the heir to Capsule Corp did settle down." "By the looks of it, to save himself of a sandal he got some poor girl pregnant." "Never seen her before." "Think those ears are real?" Many of them didn't know what to make of her, or her outfit. She wore a lose emerald green robe she had. She was so happy she had a ton of these that were big enough for her still growing child. Her ear moves to the side, but she could care less on what other people thought of her.

She looks up in time to see her now husband holding a ton of plates for them. She got the feeling most of that was for him but he spreads everything out and soon sits by her. She just giggles at him and kisses him lightly. Let those fools talk. "Thanks love...I'm starving!" Knowing there were others around they ate slowly. Well as slowly as Trunks was able to eat. But his mother did teach him manners for a reason. It wasn't long before the table was clear of all it's food and people just stared at them, stunned. She lets out a low laugh and gives him a wink as he gets more food.

As he gets up a rather well dressed man walks over to the table. She turns her gaze to him, he looked like a pompous fool with a stick far to deep where it shouldn't be. "You should be ashamed of yourself, eating like that." She just leans forward as she smirks. "You should be ashamed to be outside period with a ego that big." He lets out a shocked gasp. "Well I never, you should learn proper manners." "So should you but I'm not the one making a scene now am I?" He stomps his foot as he goes to complain to someone. Trunks was laughing so hard, no wonder he loved her so much.