NAH! not sure xD
but truly better I go to see only & stand there without says any in convention. x v x;

anyway.. to the topic I like to tell.. I do shop today for new base foundation liquid & find very good for my skin also feel like i don't equip cosmetic!

I don't trust my skin with BB cream anymore! :'u because someone recommend me about BB skin related with Korean Girl...last time i use my skin become irritated (probably one of ingredient on the product)
later try another product cannot apply well on skin & easy to get wiped.. later try back to foundation & gladly find the light version & suit with me!

I feel satisfy the foundation could make my skin look so natural & very smooth with silky sensation when i touch my skin! woah, miracle equipment! x3
also not so expensive than my last foundation I bought! * w *

so, I decide to use it start tomorrow > w <
with Ombre lipstick I bought too! makes more natural on lips~
omg, I hope not much people notice my make up!
because I cannot handle much people on public especially I have to wear make up cause the regulations on work! D:

Hope tomorrow went smooth & yeah, I need to have confidence > w <;
(try to cheer up myself... hahahaha > . <;;; ... oh, tomorrow...)