Its been a while since I last wrote and up until now I didn't really have any inspiration to continue writing poetry. I lost the way of expressing myself through poetry as time passed. As I write now it feels different almost therapeutic in a sense I feel the channeling of my emotions. More may be on the way but please let me now what you think in the comment section below.

A tale of lost love

As I sit in my room unable to escape my thoughts of you, unable to shake these feelings, staring at these four walls as they stare back at me, silent but ever present. Everywhere I look, everywhere I turn I see you. My head spinning as you fade away. I see your smile when I close my eyes, I hear your laugh when I'm all alone. As you left I lost a part of me I didn't know I had, as you turned and waved goodbye my heart shattered. Thunder struck as each piece hit the ground with the last gentle brush of your ice cold touch I sink.

My emotions swell to a feverish pitch, sickening me, they bombard me like rain drops on a cloudy day. I can't think, I can't eat, I can't sleep, as they consume me from the shattered pieces of my heart. Tears flow as I stop myself from crying, I see your back to me as I chase after it only to touch an illusion. My mind making up things day by day, amid it all I ask myself do I love? Swirling in my head are thoughts of how I was wrong, how I mistreated you, how I didn't love you, how I didn't respect and treasure you. My love struck ship sinks in the sea of my own misplaced love. As I slowly pick up the pieces of my heart taping them together one piece at time missing the biggest As I try to right the ship as I right my life back on course. The clouds part showing me the path I must take as I answer the question do I love?

Yes I love and I will continue to love but love rightly, as these illusions fade and I regain control of myself and emotions. Holding on to them with everything I have. I believe true love never fades, I believe if its meant to be then it will be. Your not in love with me but I am still in love with you. You continue to love me but I more than just love you as I hear you swear your never coming back. These words and feelings rumble my ship shaking it to the core and swelling the waves of the ocean hurting a frail heart. But I must continue on, I must steer my ship and sail onward through these parted clouds..because this to shall pass...For I will continue to love and love a lot..

And I hope...