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SplendourOfColour's Random ramblings in a webologna journal thingy
The random ramblings of an intrigued, inquiring mind of a starving fine artist. Blogs, journals, thoughts, feelings, opinions, poems, stories, and possibly even some artwork; just might be posted in this corner of the wonderful world of gaia.
Last Entry Redone; All my Thoughts After a Sleepless Night.
Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening, to whomever actually reads this webologna thingamajiggy. Also, thank you for reading!

I seem to be having trouble sleeping right now. I want to blame it on the heat in my house. However, I am starting to suspect that my family and family friends are right about technology making it harder to sleep.

Speaking of technology, I have decided to try watching "RWBY" again. I can't fully remember why I got stuck at episode 16 of volume 1: but I am sure that if it was something that bothered me, I will most likely remember, when I reach that same point. (monsters being too demonic, or way too graphic violence, are some of the things that I have become extremely sensitive to)

I have changed so much over the years that I almost find it hard to believe that I used to completely watch anime like Death Note.

I still like action and even Shonen genre anime and manga. (I am a girly tom-boy: as in I am a female who enjoys wearing pink dresses while engaging in boyish hobbies like video games some girls never touch...or watching shonen anime.) However, due to my sensitivity to certain things, I have mostly been sticking to shojo or slice of life genre lately. I don't know what genre "RWBY" actually falls into.

I was surprised to discover that the anime that I am currently watching, called "Sketchbook Full Color's, " is actually considered a shonen anime. I personally think it can appeal to both male and female viewers though. I love how much the anime inspires me to draw and sketch. I think it would also appeal to artistic viewers as well. The only thing that might not appeal to others is the fact that it is japanese dubbed with english subtitles.

I actually enjoy both japanese dubbed animes as well as english dubbed anime so it doesn't really bother me at all. I like to try to learn japanese using the Japanese version with English subtitles. I have even been able to sing along with the opening theme song of "Sketchbook Full Color's,"... when I think no one can hear me of course.

It's so strange how I can say so much here, yet be so shy in real life. I suppose it is because I am not actually face to face, that I have more confidence here. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

It doesn't really help that I mispronounce words. Although, I do love making people laugh when I mispronounce things. My latest word that I incorrectly annunciated was "portrugal." Apparently it is pronounced por-tre-gal. I pronounced it poor-true-gull. Ok, seeing it spelled out, I can fully see where I went wrong. But I enjoyed it when my family and I were laughing about my misunderstanding of how to say "portrugal."

Oh, the news was just saying to have a plan in place for emergencies. Ok, my plan is to panic. Just kidding.

I hope and pray that America is not headed towards nuclear war. I have heard that we came close back in the 1960's. I hope we don't even come close to what happened back then. I wouldn't wish nuclear weapons to be used on anyone. They cause so much devastation. I watched the anime "Barefoot Gen" a few years ago, and was horrified at what happened because of the atom bombs.

Although, I could have sworn one of the end times movies I watched, had the believers in jesus get raptured right as the nuclear threat of world War 3 was about to take place. I wonder if that is the "Left Behind" trilogy that I am thinking of. Probably. Maybe we really are in end times. I hope everyone believes in Jesus, and follows Him, before it is too late, so that everyone can go to heaven after they die. Or so that they can be raptured to heaven. I also hope that no-one accepts the mark of the beast.

At this point, I am pretty sure that the mark of the beast is the microchip. I heard that a business/corporation is having employees volunteer to inject the microchip into their hand. I'm pretty sure that the book of revelations mentions the forehead or the hands being the area targeted for the mark of the beast. I wonder if the forehead includes the eyes...as in the retina scanners. I don't particularly like fingerprint scanners either. Mainly because it is one step closer to the world making the decision to force the mark of the beast. And the truth is that I have no idea how long it will take to happen. It could be a short time. It could be a long time. I personally hope that the believers in Jesus are raptured before the mark of the beast becomes mandatory.

The horrible truth,(in my opinion), is that the human race is slowly being conditioned to accept the mark of the beast with each progression that technology makes. Soon people will forget a time when there wasn't fingerprint scanners. And then get used to retina scans and so on and so forth. I even worry about my own dependency on technology. However, growing up in poverty does have some advantages. At least, as far as survival without tech goes.

I hope none of my readers ever take the mark of the beast. After learning more about the book of revelations in the Bible; I don't think it is even possible to still believe in Jesus if you have the mark of the beast. And I am also pretty sure that it is the microchip.

I know we are also progressing towards a cashless society. It has already semi-began with the mobile pay systems. I don't look forward to a cashless society. Cashless society also equals the mark of the beast being forced on everyone. However, I do look forward to being raptured. Although, as Jesus says in the gospel, "only God the Father knows" when the rapture will be. So in the end I and everyone else is in God's hands. But I know that God's hands are very loving and caring and capable hands to be held by. So I shall continue to read my Bible and pray. And try to serve God as best as I can.

I love belonging to God. It is probably why deep down I don't mind being single. No man besides Jesus is perfect. Only Jesus, who is both 100% man and 100% God, can be perfect. But it makes me glad to have him as my saviour.

Ah, in other news. The guy I like ran away when we last ran into one another. I have seen it in movies but not in real life until now. Boy, I have never seen a guy move so fast. But I suppose the saying I learned from star trek could apply here. It goes "When one discovers that their attraction is forbidden, you may find that they exhibit unexpected behavior."
-Star Trek with Scott Bacula(episode where his dog Porthos gets sick.) (Side note, after watching a full episode, I am beginning to understand why people like star trek.)

Anyways, I don't think it helped much that I was too shy to make eye contact or wave to him. But then again, maybe doing so would have made things even worse. I don't know anymore.

I guess he hasn't encountered this type of situation before. Older people usually just say a quick greeting of Hi, how are you, as they continue walking by me. He ran. I guess I am still naive in some ways, because I can't seem to fully understand this.

I hope I am not someone he dislikes and no longer wishes to speak to. At this point I would almost rather be in the friend zone than be run away from. It left me with such an empty sad feeling inside.

I still like him a lot though. Even after that. Maybe I even like him so much that being in the friend zone would be difficult to bear, I am not sure. I half wonder if he kept the drawing that I made for him. However, being the sensitive artist that I am, I don't think I could bear the truth, if he didn't keep it.

Hmm, after talking about drawing, I have an urge to sketch and draw and color again. I drew something for DeviantArt's 17th birthday yesterday. However, my camera doesn't quite capture it correctly,(traditional media artwork.) Unless I can delete some GB of space, to get a photo editing app, I don't think I can submit it to DeviantArt.

My neighbor gave me their old printer and scanner but both are missing their power cords. I need to remember to tell them, that the cord they gave me to try, doesn't work with either one. So, at the moment, they are just really big plastic paperweights. (Just kidding! Or am I? XD ) ... I hope one day soon they will be working though.

Hopefully, I can get the new phone I want, soon as well. I mainly want it so that I can draw on a drawing app, with its stylus. Although, there are many other reasons besides that as to why I want this one particular smartphone.

Wow this became longwinded! I think I shall stop here for now. If anyone has read everything that I wrote within this entry, you have my appreciation and kudos!

Once again, thank you for reading! I hope I have been more of a blessing and less of a burden.

And finally, I hope you have a Blessed day!

♡ ~SplendourOfColour

~I love and believe in Jesus Christ,
my Lord and Saviour!

~You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
~I think a million thoughts, I voice only a thousand.

~If I have offended you, than I am sorry.
~If you have tipped my post, or liked something that I have said, than I truly thank you!
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