~ A Little About Me ~
Hullu! Shezeu here~ in my 6+ years on gaia I've rp'd off and on, mostly my first 3 years then hit a dry spell before picking up a 1x1 Silent Hill rp with a friend of mine. Anyway, some info:

- I can usually do one to two paragraphs, three depending on what I'm up to
- I've played as both male and female characters
- I'm used to keeping up with semi-fast paced rps
- I've played a villain character before (such fun~)
- Did a lot of action/battle type rps (they were literally the first type of rp'ing I was introduced to, rp battles in Towns)
- I can sometimes be a bit of a slow typer, just for the fact that I want to make sure I don't miss anything or do something wrong sweatdrop

~ Likes ~
- Horror, Paranormal, Fighting/Battle, Action, Morally Dubious (ie vigilante or mercenary), Ninjas
- I. Love. Zombies. All types from walkers to runners to the headcrab variety
- Humor and jokeyness, comic relief, and most importantly... a good pun~
- Stories that are told "alongside" another (ie a group of maintenance workers or animal caretakers stranded on Isla Nublar during the events of Jurassic Park)
- "Strange", diverse, unique characters

~ Dislikes ~
- Sex in roleplays; I don't mind if it's implied between whoever is doing it, but just outright... just no thank you.
- "Perfect" characters.
- Godmodding.
- Slice of life.
- Trying to force people to make premade OC characters
- Mind-readers (most of the time, always had a bad experience with mind reader charas)

~ Fandoms ~
[Bold = Interested
★ = Have a plot idea ]
- Mad Father
- Ib
- Misao
- Mermaid Swamp
- Borderlands 2
- Silent Hill 1-4
- Kingdom Hearts 1&2
- Until Dawn
- Life Is Strange
- Bioshock 1&2
- State of Decay
- Left4Dead 1&2
- .Hack 1-4 & GU
- Skyrim
- Pokemon
- Xenosaga
- Cirque Du Freak
- Jurassic Park
- Hunger Games
- Harry Potter
- Toy Story 1-3
- My Hero Academia
(I'm sure there are others, but I'm drawing a bit of a blank </3 )
(Also, just because it's not bolded or listed doesn't mean I might not be interested!)


Silent Hill roleplay, most most recent roleplay

A single blue eye opened slowly, closing back in rapid blinks as blood dripped down the eyelash and into the eye. There was a sharp inhale of air as the person sat up then leaned back to let their body rest against the leather seat behind them. She pushed back strands of black hair over her shoulder; first the right shoulder then the left, moving slowly on the left side to investigate the source of the blood. A cut off to the side of her forehead, no doubt from hitting her head against the steering wheel.
With a sigh she pushed open the door of the vehicle, a dark blue truck parked halfway in the street and halfway in the grass. She looked towards the front of the truck then the back, frowning at the empty road behind her then at the tire marks ripped into the grass and dirt.
"Well, that coulda been worse... at least I didn't hit anything... or anyone." She mumbled to herself. "Who was that kid?" She thought as she got back into the truck and turned the key. The engine was silent. "What...?" She tried again. Nothing. Once more, still nothing. "Dang it!" She shouted as she slammed her hand against the wheel, instantly regretting it as a sharp pain shot through her head. She sat back and flipped the visor down, looking at her head injury in the mirror. Judging that it didn't look too bad she grabbed a black bandanna and tied it around her head, making sure most of the wound was covered. She then reached over and grabbed a map out from under her backpack and glanced it over. "Shouldn't be much farther. I can probably make it on foot to town and find some help."
With a nod she carefully folded the old map up and tucked it into her backpack along with a small folding knife. She opened her glove compartment and took out a flashlight, tossing that in, too. She then grabbed an envelope, pausing as she stared at it for a few seconds then turned it over to look at the writing on the front. She closed her eyes then let out a long exhale before tucking the letter gently into the bag and zipping it closed.
Keys in hand, she slid out of the truck then shut the door, pressing the lock-door button on the key-chain a few times. She then turned and started walking down the road with her bag slung over her shoulder, heading towards a town called Silent Hill.

Zombie RP - Intro/First post

The muffled sounds of boots thudding across concrete rooftops echoed through the night sky a nightmarish city. The footsteps, belonging to a lone young woman, were light and quick as they ran to the edge of the roof but stopped before they were too close to the edge. The girl knew it wasn't safe by the sounds of loud groaning and swaying shadows on the road created by the few busted street lights. She knew she couldn't linger too long on the roof either since the things below would either pick up on her presence or one of the other 'types' would catch her.
She slowly took a few paces back then ran to the edge, jumping from the ledge to the roof of the next building. She was able to just barely clear the gap and let out a sharp gasp as her heel hung off the very edge.
Aw hell! She thought, swinging her arms to regain her balance then stumbled onto the roof where she slapped her hands over her mouth. Did they hear her? She listened closely and slowly relaxed when the groans and moans from below didn't change. Gotta be more careful Shezeu. She scolded herself before moving on. She walked to the edge of this roof and was thankful to find a fire escape leading to the ground. She leaned on the ledge of the roof to give herself a breather before continuing on her way. She practically had all the time in the world now after all.

Battle RP - my villain's intro post

Horace stood on the wyvern's back as he had it gain altitude and begin to circle above the battlefield. He spun his scythe above his head as he stared down at the chaos below and a crazed grin began to spread across his face, seeming to reach from ear to ear. As the scythe spun, it began to charge dark aura and started to spew purple and black bolts that rained down on the fighters. Once at max, he sung it downward and the blade, which had appeared to have grown in length, expelled a massive, purple and black wave; all the while Horace's maniacal laughter rung loudly through the air.

Final note: I don't have much experience playing a canon character aside from having NPC'd s few Cirque Du Freak characters. I've also NPC'd a few Silent Hill characters (mostly Lisa from SH1). So I don't know how good I would be... but I'd be happy to give it a shot if need be!