I read a lot of books about theology. This is probably because I'm fairly certain that most of the followers of my particular religion died some time before Constantine came around. I'm not certain they were all illiterate. It isn't helped by the way that few pagans think of speaking to roman gods or goddesses (despite the fact that this is the one part of my heritage I am 100% certain about, it showed up loud and clear on a genetic test), or by the way that my goddess's name was taboo.


The other place we can go wrong is thinking we can know nothing. Yes, the gods are vast and complex and mysterious. No, we can never have the certainty about them that we have about things that can be objectively measured and analysed. But we can know some things.

Substitute "gods" for "maths", or possibly "prime numbers". Prime numbers might be better, because we know they mean something, we know there's something we aren't seeing, but we can't predict them with complete accuracy. We can only strike out in the right direction to hit certain primes with the full knowledge that we'll miss a lot of them but that there's at least one in (excuse me while I gesticulate at a random point for emphasis) that direction. Somewhere.

Anyway. Do that find-and-replace.

Does the paragraph make sense?


Yes it does.