{ wahmbulance }
Chapter 11:

The next day Laura woke up, she had fallen asleep under a large tree. She had almost forgotten she was outside until she felt the wind on her. She didn't really have much on, just a loose corset and some under garments. She was free, for now at least, the thing was, where could she go, she had no idea how far Asth's reach went and going home wasn't really an answer seeing as they sold her to him in the first place. She takes a moment to think it through before she gets an idea, she could go north to the city of Winters.

It was a large city built along side some high mountains, keeping it just short of the constant snow the area normally got. She had been there once, and she fell in love with the place. She figured it would be far away enough to where Asth would never find her. She had to get moving however, she had no idea if he had noticed or not, but when he did her life would come to a shift end. At least now she had a plan, she just had to get there and hope the king didn't find out about this. Lucky her, Asth was trying out his newest game he came up with. This was by far the best idea yet.

Asth had gotten rather bored with the monthly updates, since nothing really changed in his kingdom. So right before the meetings started he would have a maid sitting on his lap as he used her, in front of his guest. It was fun he found, even the guards placed bets on how fast the nobles would just stop talking and walk out, he loved it. This month was no different as he picks out the new girl he just got. Her shaky legs told him she was still sore, but he never really cared. Like before he removes his pants and sat her on his lap, facing him. He didn't bother to gag her, but kept her arms tied behind her back.

Whenever a noble would enter he would keep his eyes on his new toy, even sucking on her breast as they tried to ignore the scene before them. Of course, they knew, trying to stop him or angering the king would lead to a quick death so the nobles now tired to act as if everything was normal. Well as normal as it ever got around this kingdom. He knew how to thrust into the girl to make her moan when Asth got to bored on one subject. He just smirks as he pumps into her, watching her fluids drip over him. The poor nobles, they tried so hard and the guards present just laughed as they passed bets between one another.

At least it was almost over with, as he waits he keeps moving into the girl, letting out a low breath as he releases his seed into her. When she had been dragged away she was given an odd drink, she didn't like the taste but the other mads told her it was for her own good. Now she understood what it was for as she felt his warm seed dripped out of her. He didn't want any of his toys to have children, after all where would be the fun in that? He keeps his mouth on her breast, not once stopping as a familiar older woman enters the room. It had been a year since he had seen Maria, he could only guess she had gathered her nerve to see into the fate of her granddaughter.

Asth didn't know what Alex had done with the child, nor did he care. Already bored he leans the girl back and thrust into just the right spot, watching her warm fluids flow over him quickly as she came hard. The poor maid was moaning, despite not wanting to do this and Maria stomps her foot. "Really king Asth, this is uncalled for, I just want to know what became of my poor Beth..." Asth could only shrug as he turns to one of his guards, still thrusting into his new maid. "Go get Alex." One guard holds Maria as the other goes to find their friend. The guard just gives her a wink and laughs a bit at her discomfort.

While they waited Asth goes back to the girl on his lap and smiles, his eyes still watching her fluids drip out of her. "All women are whores, you know that, despite your pleas to stop, you enjoy what men do to you, as long as it brings you pleasure, right my pet?" He laughs as he keeps hitting just the right spot, making the poor girl come more as her fluids start to drip onto the floor below. He looks up as Alex walks in with a now eleven year old girl, so he managed to find a way to keep her alive. The once youthful spark she had was gone however, Alex had broke her in well as he keeps his hand on her head.

"Beth.." Maira blinks as the guard beside her tightens his grip on her, holding her in place. Alex says nothing, the girl doesn't move from his side, having forgotten about her grandmother. "Care to show what you've learned since you've been here?" Alex laughs as the girl turns to him, dead eyed as she unstraps the cover on the lower part of his armor. Maria could only watch as the small girl frees her master from his cover and wraps her tiny hands around his slowly hardening manhood. Asth just watches as he slows his thrusting down a bit, curious as to what Alex had been doing this whole time. Maira was held down on her knees as she was forced yet again to watch her grandchild perform such acts, this time, willingly.

Alex lets out a small moan as the girl opens her tiny mouth and starts to suck on the head of his member as he closes his eyes, enjoying every minute of it. "Stop, you monster stop this at..mmmfff." The guard puts something in her mouth to shut her up and held her. However, feeling a bit stiff himself he smirks as frees himself of his armor. The older woman didn't see it coming as the guard rips off her lower dress as soon presses himself into her. Maria lets out a muffled scream as the guard pushes hard into her and starts thrusting like a mad man, making sure her eyes never left her grandchild pleasuring the much larger guard.

Asth was really enjoying this now as he thrust up into his toy, releasing more of his seed into her. Alex soon needed his own release and knew how to get it as he forces Beth down and goes into her, her body now used to his size as she lets out a pained gasp as he starts fast. Maira could only watch as Alex came into the small child over and over again as the guard behind her used her for his own needs. Maira wouldn't be going home this day, her 'husband' would get a kind letter saying she would stay at the castle. Not that the man cared he separated from the old bat years ago, gotten sick of her shrill voice ages ago. He didn't see where the guard took the older noble nor did he care.

"Guess the old crone had some use left after all." He grunts as he hits one last climax into his maid and Alex soon left with his own playmate to continue his deeds in a more private setting. Once he was done with the girl he throws her off of him and the one of the other maids rush in to get her out of his way. Another girl comes in to clean up the floor and his chair. Already spent for now he heads for the kitchen, such acts did make him hungry after all. As he ate his lunch he was already working on some new letters, after all he still had to write to other kings to let them know that things were fine and so far none of the girls they sent were queen material. After all more maids couldn't hurt right?