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The wonderfull world called my mind*Nya*(don't get lost) I'm not really sure what to do so I'll just type down random stuff and some normal journal stuff too*Nya*

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Will delete later
Sai: pff what's with that hat? *flicks mage hat with finger tip*
Milo: hey! *grabs hat*
Sai: you're an elf not a human mage XD You elves are naturally gifted in the ways of magic. It's in your blood X3 So you shouldn't need something so human right?XD
Milo: ...not everyone...
Sai: you got me there XD Oh wait, are you one of those "special" elves?
Milo: What? No!
Sai: Hah, didn't think so X3 Called it.
Sai: Wouldn't want to be special in the way that gives you a disadvantage compared to others anyways right?

About the Artist

Hero, TkieSai here biggrin not that I would be anyone else =w= unless my account gets hacked O.o

((Its...okay I guess o3o it isn't bad but it isn't exactly good either. I mainly just like the one character couple arch, the one with the collage kid and the book writer. The others were kinda Meh. The one was cute but went on longer than it needed and the other was super pedo._. I mean I'm all for a teacher X student relationship but not with a 17 year age gap...))

Ken looked up at Cinder when

V Flower started out as a complete unknown. She suddenly appeared in the Kalos Showcase and won it over by storm, easily gaining the title of Kalos queen on her first try. She remained Kalos queen for several years and during that time she was scouted as a model. V Flower then began popping up everywhere from magazines to television and movie theaters. Though her life became busy she always found time to love and care for her pokemon.
Now she is currently taking a break from the spotlight to pursue her next challenge. To become top coordinator in Sinnoh.

Things I need before Japan

Drivers license
Fix my teeth

Name: Pink Petie

Sylveon and the move Draining Kiss

Inkling name: Chuhtum

Inkling name: Knig

Inkling name: Twigger


Shelter: The Animation


Drawing idea: pinecone hermit crab

I was this girl and me and my mom (not my real mom but the character I was's mom) just moved into this old abandoned house.
There was some details I can't remember but I was up high, probably climbed up something, and I began to fall. As I was falling there was this beautiful white bird and it pulled my soul out before I hit the ground and I suddenly looked like...sort of like the character you play as in the game Journey, but the head part was more pointed and was very pretty and had some bird qualities and I was gold and white.
Like me and the bird merged or something
Then I'm standing there in the abandoned house, it being kind of dark. And suddenly I'm approached by 4 children who had apparently died in the house a very long time ago.
I had a hard time accepting I was dead and started feeling very lonely, worrying about my mom who was still alive. Then one of the ghost kids, a girl, explained to me how they are also very lonely and that as ghosts, they have a hard time judging time so they have to focus hard on what is currently happening in the house to slow down time to a normal pace.
Those children ghosts, two boys, a girl, and I can't remember the gender of the 4th, told me how they want to leave but they can't because of this dark being who has been with them as long as they have been there. They explain that this dark creature is the reason why they are dead and explain the order of who died.
The dark being began attacking suddenly and since I'm currently a being of light, I begin fighting it. The dark being kind of looked like this ball of thin tenticals or hair and as I was attacking it, it got smaller and smaller until it was so small, it was just like a light on the floor (like when you reflect light onto the wall with a mirror or your phone) but in reverse since it was darkness. It was quickly zooming around trying to get away from me and the door to the attic opens and it tries to escape up there.
I chase it upstairs and am trying to catch it with my hands. I eventually catch it and instead of ending it, I begin hugging the small dark creature. As I'm hugging it, it struggles against me and all of the darkness begins shooting out of its body in some epic fashion, but I don't stop hugging it. After all the darkness stops shooting out, the dark creature turns into a little boy who was also so very lonely because the other children blamed him for their deaths and that loneliness turned it into that darkness creature.
The End

So my dream started off normalish like most dreams do
I was in the car with my mom and brother, I was sitting in the back for some reason (usually sit in the front) and we were all trying to sleep in the car but my mom didn't put the car in park so the car was still moving.
It was kind of swaying back and fourth like a boat and I was trying to wake her up but she insisted that it was cool. So the car continued to drive itself back and forth behind our barn and suddenly there was a 2 bears. I saw them and instantly grabbed my blankets and pretended to be asleep in the back, but my door was open a little and my blanket were sticking out so I grab them and pull them back in when the bear tried to take them. That scared the bear and I closed the car door
My mom woke up and I told her what happened but she didn't believe me and suddenly the dream changed
Me and a group of my friends were suddenly helicoptered to some kind of base in the ocean where alot of other kids from school I knew were. We walked around and I saw one of my friends who was actually an anime character from an anime I'm currently watching and an other girl bump into some lab woman and get a gash in her leg from the test tubes she was holding
I watch as the girl who got the gash in her leg was taken away and the other girl got some scrapes on her hand but she seemed fine, but I'm just like "Oh crap, is that a vile with a virus in it? I better be careful."
So the group of friends I was with are sent to a large room that kind of looks like a hotel room where we were apparently going to stay but while we are there chilling, the girl who got that scratch on her hand makes a kind of nasty groan whole lying on the bed and then that woman with the lab coat comes in and I'm just like "Oh sheet, I'm right, she is turning into a zombie isn't she?" I whispered that to the woman and she nodded but she wanted to keep it a secret so the others won't freak. The girl makes another zombie groan and I flinch and slowly work my way to the door just in case. That's when sheete goes down
Suddenly everyone on the base is panicking and I'm running through the base trying to get away from the zombies and I see a group of people I knew from school not being chased by the zombies. They weren't being turned and the zombies seemed to not notice them. I pay no mind to them because I'm too busy trying not to die
I'm running around trying to avoid the zombies who move faster than usual zombies. They move just as fast as us normally. Like their movements weren't hindered at all like classic zombies. Kind of like World War Z zombies....but not that fast.
I eventually make it outside on the roof of the base and I look down and see the group of people who aren't being noticed by zombies and I'm like "Maybe I should chill with them" but the zombies seemed attracted to me so I'm running back and forth on the roof
I was a completely different person on the base!
I was this Colonel guy who had fell in the water. I was like "screw these kids I'm out of here," and the actual me (it was kind of like I was watching at this point I guess)was thinking Oh no, are there zombies in the water? No but the Colonel guy I was climbed onto land because apparently we weren't that far away from it and he's like "I'm finally safe" but then I was like "Oh crap he isn't! I know what's going to happen! Land zombies are going to appear and the arrogant guy is going to die! ABORT ABORT"

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Name: Jake Izaya
Age: 18
Height: 5'6
Seke but a bit more uke
Preference: in the closet gay
Hair: light brown/blonde
Eyes: red
Features: No distinguishing features but would like to have a tattoo
Likes: Reading, sweets, coffee
Dislikes: Not having any freedom to do things he wants to do, how controlling and strict his parents are
Family: Mother, Father, and older brother

Jake is overall a normal guy who has strict parents who want him to 100% focus on his studies. He has an older brother who is practically perfect in their parents eyes. He is smart, hard working, and very talented. Jake isn't anything like his brother but tries to live up to him for his parents. He is secretly gay and wants to have a boyfriend who doesn't mind the kinky thinks but he doesn't have the time for a relationship and there is no way his parents would approve.


"Mother I-... Mother.....please Mother....Im just going to the book store.....yeah I know.... Mother......ill be home in about an hour....i know I know...bye Mother...." Jake let out a sigh as he hung up the phone and placed it in his pocket. He gets one day off from his schooling and his mother still nags him about how he should be studying. What does she think he is doing at the book store? Not getting books?
Jake entered the book store and was greeted with a refreshing breeze of cool air conditioned air. It wasn't really that hot out, but it was always nice to feel that air on your skin. He wondered around the store, picking out the books he needs for his up coming exams and a couple books he just happened to want to read. Soon he found himself wondering in the erotic setion. This would be quite the embarrassing section to be caught in so he looked around to make sure he didn't see anyone he knew. If he saw someone he recognised, he would just pretend he was just walking through. Once he felt the cost was clear

In a world filled with magic lived two races, Humans and Elves. These two races were at war for hundreds of years until eventually they made a truce of sorts.

Okay so I have two ideas and you might already know them because the one I'm pretty sure I've already mentioned it to you before and the other I've used in a different class but it was a much earlier class...is it okay to toss that idea out there?

Idea 1:

Five travelers wonder into a long and winding cave and find an ancient underground city then they are suddenly attacked by a rock golem monster. The group fights it but after a while fighting they start to lose. That's when one of the characters reveals they have this powerful yet dark power and begins fighting and pushing back the golem. Seeing that inspires the others and they get back on their feet and help that one character and defeat the monster and it ends with the other characters looking at the one with that power, worried.

I personally was aiming for 2D animation for this and I've already got some designing done for some of the characters(not fully though) The whole thing actually goes to a song but if it's an issue using music that isn't your own then we don't have to use it.

Idea 2:

This one may be familiar to you.

A girl is playing an online videogame and just won in a battle. She sits back in her chair and touches the screen, wishing she could be in that world. Then suddenly she is sucked into the computer and when she wakes up, she is in some vast land. She walks forward some, confused, and then a sword and shield appear in front of her along with a start button. She then grabs the weapon and pushes the start button and runs off.

For this I was thinking it would be cool to use mixed media. For the start of it, it would be 2D and then when she gets sucked into the game, it turns into 2D.

Curse idea:
Curse makes it so you can't read certain things. The longer you are under the curse, the more you are unable to read. Words and letters just become invisible to you. You can remember them just fine but you can't see them nor can you write them.
Unsure if you can write the words/letters but are unable to see what you wrote as you are writing them or if you simply are unable to write them at all.
Woman may have a book that only she can read. All words are invisible to all but her. The book is a key to something super old and may lead to breaking the curse.

Phone would probably be the easiest since I can't Skype chat.
I'm avaliable pretty much any time after 1PM central time Friday-Tuseday
I am struggling with researching the things I need for the assignments. I've always struggled with that actually. Do you have any tips?

Art program
Substance painter

Time from train station: 8:00

Student portal
Scroll down for user name and password for first com
Click on it
Put in info above
Little blue box with vl are cool to download


Rin actually dislikes winter and summer. She doesn't like the extreme cold and hot of those seasons. Though she does admire the purity of snow.

Rin hates having her photo taken because she hates how she looks. She does however have a photograph she treasures of her and her brother when they were kids but she doesn't have it on her at the moment.

Rin isn't good with animals. Most dogs she has approached have bitten her, but that goes for cats and birds as well.









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