Chapter 10:

A year had past since the death of queen Alura. The townspeople were, somewhat shocked at how long the poor girl seemed to have lasted. No one knew how she died but the kingdom knew better than to ask the king himself what went down that day. The kingdom had longed learned after the many years to never question a missing girl, let alone a dead one. It was a dark day, one that would promise rain and King Asth was bored out of his mind. He gazes about his court, aside from his guards he was alone. He frowns, wondering where his 'maids' were.

In short they were nothing more than slaves, many of the girls had survived years here, learning how to block out the abuse at the hands of not only the king but his guards. Today was different however as a small group of girls gather to help one of their fellow maids, Nida. The death of the queen didn't stop Asth in his desire to use his staff as he pleased. By doing so Nida got pregnant and hid it from the normally violent king. She never drank the potion normally given out to the maids to keep this short of thing from happening and had no idea how to really handle this.

She was in full labor as the four girls in the room scramble to gather towels and water for the coming babe. Nida tries to keep quiet, but the pain of labor was to much as she starts to push. Asth wonders around his castle before he heard it, the screams of one of his maids. Normally he would ignore it, but this was different as he turns himself to where the sound came from. It wasn't long, before Nida was now holding her crying child, a girl, but Nida didn't care. The other maids knew Asth wouldn't allow this child to live.

He kicks the door down as one maid had just went into the washroom to get more water. Lucky her the door was closed and she peeks out the keyhole as a swarm of guards take the other maids away, leaving king Asth with Nida. She covers her mouth as Asth tears the child away and frowns, glaring at Nida. " lord, I did it for you..." He lets out a low scuff as he opens the window to the room. "Like I have use for another whore." With that, he lets the babe fall to her death before turning to Nida. He pulls out a dagger he kept hidden as he leans over her still spread legs. "You're no longer useful to me."

The maid in the washroom watches in horror as Asth takes his dagger and shoves it far into Nida's womanhood. He jerks his hand hard as he stabs her over and over again, not caring his hand was quickly getting covered in blood. He soon pulls away and sighs, Nida now dead. "Such a waste, have the other three maids hung for keeping this quiet." His guard nods and soon go about cleaning the room. The only maid left shakes with fear, what sort of monster was this? She hadn't been here long, only a month or so since she had been sold off to the king, now this. She stays quiet as the room was cleaned up and soon cleared.

Her name was Laura, with long dark hair and deep blue eyes she quickly became Asth's favorite. She waits as it goes silent, the heat of the moment soon died down as she slowly pokes her head out. The place was clear, now was her chance she maked a run for it. Never stopping once she finds her way down to the main floor to see the front door wide open. For once, no one was around, and she kept running. She followed the wall of the castle to the back and into the large forest behind it. She never stopped, even as her lungs started to burn. Like all new maids she went through the 'trials' of letting every guard have their way with her.

Unlike before, Asth now had a hundred men, and it took hours before she was free to go. How Nida kept from drinking the potion she never understood. Why anyone would want to carry that monsters child was beyond her. Tired Laura finally comes to a stop, hiding behind a large tree. She had done it, she had done something none of the other girls had been able to do, escape. She couldn't believe it, no one had saw her, Asth was to busy dealing with the three other maids that helped Nida hide her baby. Lucky her, Asth really haddn't noticed. He already hung the other girls as an example of what's to come for hiding anything from him.

He hated the fact that he just lost four good maids in one day and lets out a sigh, running his hand through his silk hair. It still held a soft brownish color even through all the stress he had to deal with. He would have to get some new girls and knew just the right person to turn to. The kingdom Alura came to had gotten a simple letter stating she died in childbirth, taking the child with her. So he started to reach to other kingdoms for their finest maidens of noble birth. Many of them were his slaves now. So many of these girls had gotten used to a pampered life, now they were nothing more than tools for the king to use.

He smirked to himself, coming up with a new idea to break in his new girls he heads for his throne room to wait. He already had a noble coming to his castle, he told some of his closest 'friends' he wanted to move on and remarry. Of course that was a lie but they didn't need to know that. He leans back into his chair as a guard brings in a young woman, of course dressed in her finest outfit. The guard brings her over to the king, holding her arm. The poor girl looked confused as the other guards start to pour in and close all the doors. She was a bit plain looking but Asth could get past that.

He waits until all his guards were with him and he smiles, looking at the girl. The guard holding her grabs both her arms as Asth rips the top part of her dress, revealing her breast. She lets out a surprised scream and blinks as he roughly takes one of her breast into his mouth as he toys with the other one. She shudders as she tries to move away. "Please...stop." He doesn't as she looks around the room. The guards do nothing other than remove bits of their armor, many of them already getting themselves ready. She gasps in horror as the king moves his hand down her dress, ripping off the lower part of it. The guard holding her tightens his grip on her as Asth moves his hand down to her womanhood and starts rubbing her hard.

She lets out a soft groan as she tries to get away, but couldn't, Asth found that, he was enjoying this a lot more. He frees himself of his pants as brings her down, now using his shaft to rub against her. As he was getting her nice and wet, the other guards soon move in. Asth sits her on his lap, her eyes facing him as he grabs her bottom and spreads her as he shoves himself into her now moist lower lips. She lets out a soft cry as she feels the guard holding her take her hand and wrap it around himself. Another guard comes up from behind and rubs against her firm bottom before he shoves himself into her.

Instead of one at a time Asth now had all the guards use whatever body part they could get a hold of. Asth just watched as another guard comes to her other side to take the hand not being used for himself. Any guard that couldn't get in on the action just pleasured themselves until they got a chance. Only Asth got to use her womanhood as the others stepped in. Even when he climaxed he kept thrusting into her. This went on for some hours as each guard got to use her over and over again, it was a great plan, this one wouldn't dare defy him now as she starts to cry, understanding no one would come and save her. If only Asth had noticed he was short one maid. Good thing he was to busy with his newest slave.