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Chapter 8:

It was month two in Alura's stay within the castle. Not much had changed however she had been able to find that Asth now let her explore the upper level of the castle. It was the same floor her room was and there wasn't much to it, but it was something. Her guess is as time went on he wanted her to move around more. After all there was a good chance she was pregnant so it was good for the baby. The thought made her blood cold, but she already knew there was no changing it. There was not much on the top floor, other than more rooms, most of them unused.

When the rooms were in use it was mostly guards and any maid that crossed their path. She was quick to leave when she came across such acts. Still it was better than Asth constant touch and use of her body. She wasn't really sure what the king was up to, and trying to go down stairs only brought her to her guards, waiting to point her back up. This was as far as she was allowed to go without the king. At least now she had on a dress, it was a bit old, but a dress nonetheless. Her meals with the king were quiet, unless there was a dinner show only then did Asth take her.

Today after lunch he brought her to the throne room yet again. It was different however as he sat back and listened to nobles from the area tell them any news that passed by. Most of it was boring and Asth just sat back with a bored look to his face. Not much really happened in his kingdom, but he did this at least once a month to make sure things were going smoothly. Again it was all apart of the illusion that Asth was a good king and knew how to take care of his people. Before the next person came in Asth looks her over, that lusty look in his eyes spark as he smiles

"Come to me my dear." She hated it when he calls her that, but without thinking she stands in front of him. There was time, as he slips the dress off her and lays it in her chair. She wasn't showing just yet, but in a few months she would and he smirks as he runs his fingers over her stomach. Truth was, Asth wasn't really sure how he would handle being a parent. Still the idea of raising a son to be like him had a strange appeal to him. He soon sits up as he undoes his pants and keeping her facing him, sits him over his lap.

He holds her hips as he brings her down on him. As he thrust into her he sucks at one of her breast, even as the next nobel was brought in. Asth knew who it would be, she was a stuffy older woman that just loved to get on his nerve. He had done this before and he just loved her reaction. He was the king after all and he just so enjoyed himself. This time the woman was holding the hand of a small child and was quick to cover the girls eyes. Asth just laughs as he keeps thrusting into his wife.

"So good to see you again, Maria, come to complain about your 'husband' again." Asth peaks to the side, still holding Alura's hips. Alura could do nothing as he keeps thrusting into her. All she could hear was the voice of a shrill woman. "King Asth, must you do this every time I came here, always with a new girl..." Asth just gives her a shrug, hitting the right spot to make his queen hit her first release. "Why are you here Maria?" The woman picks up the child she brought in and faces her the other way. "My husband demands that our granddaughter be sent overseas...I refuse to let him send her to Gods know where."

Asth slowed his thrusting as he gazes at the older woman. Her hair already gray with age, her face already starting to wrinkle. He turns his head to one of his guards. "You know who to get." The man smiles and heads off to go fetch someone. The woman just waits as a rather large looking fellow wonders in. Alura half turns her head as Asth holds her hips tighter. The king just smirks and leans back, going back to his even thrusting into her. The large man takes the child from her and nods to the other guards. They move in and grab the older woman and hold her back. "What is this, let me go.."

"Dear Maria, I know you are beyond the age of enjoying the art of sex..being as old as you are." He laughs as he gives the woman a good show. "Now, I guess we have to think of some way to help your problem..." Alura could only gasp, what was he going to let this monster do? She turns her head to Asth. "She's...only a child." He looks up at her, his eyes cold as he moves his hands over her hips. "She can still learn, while my taste don't go that young I know how rare it is for my good friend Alex to get his hands on what he likes, isn't that right?" The guard lets out a low chuckle as the others had already locked the doors.

Maira fights the guards holding her, but she wasn't strong enough to even make them budge an inch. Asth says nothing more on the matter, going back to enjoying his wife as the guard holding the child laughs and holds her to the floor. Alura couldn't watch, all she could hear was a ripping sound as the guard removes the child's clothes. Alura closes her eyes, listening to the child's cries for help. Asth didn't care what his men were into, if it made them happy he was more than happy to allow it, even if he wasn't into it. The guard doesn't take it easy on the child, making sure her poor grandmother was watching it all.

The poor noble woman was forced to leave after a while. As for the child he let his guard take her wherever he wanted for as long as he wanted. Once Asth was done with his wife she was free to go as she picks up her dress and goes back to her room. Now more than ever she had to find a way to get a letter to her father. She just needed a way, it soon clicks into her mind, the kitchen. Someone had to be bringing food to the castle. She tells her guard she was hungry as the guy just shrugs as he takes her to the kitchen. He stands by the door as she looks around. A few maids were already busy cooking as she sees a back door.

Like every other door someone was standing by it. All she had to do was somehow slip a letter in a crate and send it out. It wasn't the best plan, but it was a plan. All she needed was paper, finding the king's study room would not be an easy task. Still she takes a deep breath before heading out where he bodyguard was waiting for her. It had to be somewhere on the bottom floor, all she had to do was find it somehow. As for the king he goes to check on his fellow knight. He finds the man in his room with the little girl from before still in his clutches. Asth just chuckled and shakes his head at the knight, the poor girl was still crying as he rubs against her hard. He turns and leaves for his room for the night.