User Image[Found this song in February, and it's surprisingly fitting.
I was such an idiot, ha ha. Learn from my example. Go.

(I personally prefer the Japanese version since the lyrical difference are my favourite lines. I like the English translation though)

2015-2016 was when I couldn't leave, kept hiding under this crown, and my friend couldn't improve either. Neither of us would hold back, then fear did it for us. The limbo period between successes would do that since we're both incredibly excited about our professional careers.

I may be building a life, but I don't ditch or replace my friends. I don't "move on" in that context. However, I use the same words. I did move on. How could one expect a President to remain lightly developed? He has to be prepared, accomplished, and someone worth following. I've always intended on making this reality, though the transition was lengthy between stages.

I can't have one foot on two boats and tell both places I'm in. Someone will fall first, and it won't be me. No matter where I go, unreliability is neither the trail, effect, nor impact that I like to leave. Irrelevant to Tamaki, I am family-orientated. If you can't build a stable house, wait to invite your family and friends inside. You don't want to then end up harming them because the provided building collapses.

Found today: The Future is Now Originally, I had no closing to this entry. After 2016, I was more passionate than the song's tone, but some lyrics can fit.

"I have half a life to rewrite
Flying into this future"User Image

Tamaki in reality, Tamaki online (chatting as himself), Tamaki during roleplays (roleplaying as himself), and Tamaki-mun have lives. Constantly switching between contexts enough for each to have smooth and full lives, to the best of my abilities, was impressive. Since Tamaki stopped roleplaying, when he is offline, he has to maintain only his real life, almost simultaneous with mine.