having a life soo good to be true.
Playing video games till your limits,
spending time limitless reading novels,
chatting random stuff with your bestfriend,
everything you ask or ever wished for were granted.

You were living your life to the fullest,
not knowing the boundaries to your happy living life.

Life was going so perfect.
With a single flick,
everything is in your grasp.

With a single flick,
you travel 1001 places you would have ever wished to be,
with a single flick,
you've got all the riches that the motherland could give you the best,
and with a single flick,

everythings gone.

Suddenly, you wake up.
Realized all of that was just a dream.
Waking up on your bed is at least the good thing happen to you since you've got one.
But what if you don't?
No bed,
no room,
no shoes,

You wake up on a dirty magazines that you called bed.
That moment,
you just wish,
and only wish
that you could have slumber and never wake up,

keep on dreaming till you could never awake...