I wrote about my mom because she is a huge rodel model to me. She was always so strong even when she was sick. She made a huge impact not only in my life but in many others lives. She loved to work with kids and she taught me the love of taking care of kids. She fought through whatever was going and was extremely stubborn at times, but I loved her no matter what. She inspired me to become a nurse and from her I learned to be strong when there is nothing else to be but strong. She loved me and the family. She enjoyed all the little moments with us and I enjoyed every moment with her. Even though she's gone now her memory will live on with the rest of us.

Sometimes life gives you blessings

and other great sadness.

I was brought an angel and she

had a name that met a lot to me.

Her name was Mom and she was God's Gift for me.

We had medical problems in our family,

but the worst one was heart disease.

It could come suddenly and take your life if not checked for it.

I had lost two people to cardiac arrest in the past couple years.

We had no clue she had it or that it would hit within the household.

She taught me a lot and told me this all the time.

"There is going to be obstacles in your life that you

will have to deal with love ones dieing.

They may have different issues such as medical,

but God will be there with you and he's going to challenge you.

You will have to face those challenges because they will never go away."

Everyday I saw her struggle with taking the pills and not wanting to.

She wanted to give up and not take them, but I told her she should do

it for us her family. We weren't always there for each other and yeah we

argued, but I loved her endlessly. An angel to me and is still now even

if she's gone. Being strong was who she was and she would push

herself to the breaking point. So, I would pick up with a lot she did.

Its now my responsibility to be strong and do what she did. I will not

give up. Courageous and sweetness was another strong suit of hers.

My mom wasn't just a role model, but she was also my best friend.

She is the reason I'm where I am today.

Her medical problems just made me want to be stronger.

It also made me want to see what I could learn about nursing.

We also saw her strongest over all the medical problems she had.

God knows that I loved her dearly, but he's testing me now.

I can feel it and I will be strong. Days went by and I noticed her

disease was taking over. She got more tired not wanting to do as

much. I fulfilled her last wish and went to homecoming like she

wanted me to. That was the last day I saw her alive.

After her passing it was tough and there were days I wanted to give

up. There honestly still is.

The hardest part was saying goodbye to my dearest friend, my mom

the strongest woman I know.