Me, Me, Me!
That is all this generation is about.
How can I be better than the people around me?
How can I make myself feel better?
What have you done for me?
Do people ever just stop and think for once anymore?

Many of us don’t even read books on our spare time.
Even worse, some of us can’t even read.
We are the generation in which the weak minded
exist as the general populus.
Just look at us, the hideous, weak minded, human beings.

We look at others and the first thing that comes to our mind
is about how they look.
It is done on that sudden impulse without even getting to
Know who the person is.
we judge them all the time and wonder how it would
benefit ME if I ever bothered to even talk to this person.
Our youth has just lost it.

We can no longer be our own person.
Originality is the thing of the past.
This generation just does not understand it.
People of this era just don’t even know how
to think for themselves anymore.
It all comes back to the me, me, me factor.

Its not because they have stage fright.
Its not because they don’t know how to talk.
But it is because they are too worried about “me!”
People are scared to be different.

Brand name clothes, designer sunglasses and much more.
These are just the mere symptoms of the disease.
We just seem to have it all.
Ripped jeans, torn shirts, pants on the ground.
Look at the poisoned youth.

We can not even be ourselves anymore.
Oh poor us.
We can’t do anything for ourselves.

We use calculators, computers, machines, tvs
and other cookie cutter devices.
The art of doing things the old way is just lost.
We can’t add or subtract.
We can’t read or write.
But what we can do well is sit there.
Watching images flash across our screens while
sitting on our couches.
Our minds are poisoned as we slowly
begin to rot away.
This is the voice and people of our generation.