Anna’s parents were never there for most of her life. She had come to think of her mom’s sister as her actual mom since they could care less about her. It was around the same time like last year when her birthday was. She set on the soft pillow, on the window sill clinging to that little hope they might actually come to see her. She realized they were never going to ever come, not even if she died. It made tears run down her eyes and she stumbled off the windowsill and fell on her face.
She screamed in agony from the pain and the fact they were never going to come. She got up and stumbled to her bedroom, slamming the door. She stared out at her window for a minute her tears running down her cheeks how the goddess would cry for her dead lover after the war. She watched the rain run down the window as two of the drops ran into each other and made a heart. She hated seeing love of any kind and it drove her to punching her door so hard that the wood splintered and flew off.
The wood got stuck in her hand but she didn’t care and stumbled to the corner tripping over everything that was in her way. She pulled her knees up to her chest, digging her heels into the carpet. She then buried her face into her hands and cried nonstop. She looked up later on, and she saw the golden halo in the sky setting for the day as the lumiere noire was coming up for the night to shine its darkness to the whole world since there would be no luna tonight because it was a new moon. She wiped her face smearing make up onto her arm and she got up limping to the bed so she could lay down since it felt like the entire world was spinning.
To her, it felt like the world was going to disappear from her ocean-blue eyes and she was going to end up in another abyss of torture and pain. She passed out as soon as she hit the bed, not hearing the banging of her mom’s sister on the door trying to tell her that they were here for her. She ended up waking up in the hospital and celebrating her birthday there that day with her parents by her side after sixteen years of her living with her mom’s sister.