Name : Zola
Age : 26
Gender : Female
Sex orientation : Bi
Personality : Multiple types
Likes : Watching people from a distance (helpful training), Practicing her techniques
Dislikes : Being defeated makes her feel weak / Falling for enemy traps
Appearance : As picture ( Spiders tattoo on her left leg, Dragon tattoo on right, Panther cub tattoo on her back )
Accessories : Pearl bead ankle bracelet / Purple hair string in hair (Uses as weapon ) / Skull ring on her left hand pinky finger ( contains deadly poison)
Clan: None
Place of birth : Unknown
Rank: never had one
Kekkei genkai : None
Chakra natures : Fire & Wind & Water
Releases : Ice Release [ Ice Daggers ] Short ranged Taijustu & Ninjutsu base attack ( When wet with water or any liquids on her person, she can their her fingertips forward at a fast pace to create ice cold 6 inched daggers, which flies towards her target )
Basic Ninjutsu: Fire or Water based
Advanced Ninjutsu :
- Fire : Fire ball jutsu / Fire shower jutsu / Fire modification
- Water : Water fall jutsu / Dragon flood jutsu / Poison rain jutsu
-Both water & fire : Destruction Duo Tonrnado (an attack that creates a massive tornado useing the elements of Water and Fire. only powerful attacks or Earth newsstand can destroy it)
Taijutsu : Raining Meteor ( An attack of constant fast kicks towards target )
Taininjutsu : Dynamic Cat fist ( Furry of puches/ finger tip thrusts toward target to either inflict physical harm or paralyze that target )
Strength : Strong with wind and water based attacks and can fight well with no weapons. Her kicks are powerful too from one Taijutsu move. She also has another move with by choice can paralyze her opponent.
Weakness : If her traps dont work she can be detected / Cant fight well with fire based attacks
Background : She is a mystery ninja. With no memory of her past or where she was from she can't explain where she learned her moves from. She travels alot to assist other ninja, or by doing odd jobs for money. So she has no home to go to, currently she stays in rented apartment in neutral area. She does not talk due to she suffers from multiple personality, also has nothing to say.