I'm scarred for life.
So yesterday Richard (Slay This D) came over. And I was gonna take a nap in bed, and we notice a big ugly spider on my ceiling. My room is in the attic so the ceiling slants and the room is a pentagon shape.
Anyways, he grabs my selfie stick and counts to three.

one ... two ... three!

He hits the spider, but completely, utterly, horribly

misses..... HE FREAKIN MISSED!

So the spider drops on my sister's blankets and I scream like a little b!tch. I then jump off my bed onto my other sister's futon mat bed. And Richard kinda freaks out a bit about losing the spider.

Then he uses the selfie stick to lift the blanket in search of the spider. When we see the spider first, it's JUMPING. Then he quickly flings the blanket, and guess what?

the frickin spider flies at me!

I scream like a little b!tch again as it hits my knee and falls onto my blanket (which I dragged with me onto Ivy's bed). I run behind him and call him an idiot. He spend another minute or so looking for it, but I leave because he irritated me.


As I'm playing Gaia, on the Marketplace looking for cool Starry/Starlit/Galaxy/Sinful items, I feel as though something is crawling on me. So I freak out and move my legs (like a seizure) and get up. I check my bed and then the ground.

There's a freaking spider on the ground. I grab a cup and slam the spider about.....

5 times???? sweatdrop sweatdrop sweatdrop

It's not the same spider. Richard said he killed the spider the day before. Also, Ivy and Amber found another spider yesterday as well.

Scarred for life!!!! crying crying crying crying crying

Yeah, I'm pretty sure all the weird bites on my legs are from spiders.
Am I gonna become spider woman?