So I recently tried to start an Medieval RP with a friend of mine, but as it progress,
I realized that I couldn't go with it; so we stopped. It was mostly my fault, though she did try to change my character's backstory without asking me before we even started. While her character wasn't bad, I couldn't see any chance of my character working or even hanging out with them. Plus as I've stated in my previous entry, I'm very, VERY picky when it comes to doing a Medieval RP.

I still really want to do a Fantasy RP (Though any RP would be nice). Though the more I think about it, I think I'd prefer an RP that's more like a table top-game. Like Dungeons & Dragons or Warhammer. Now before any of you ask, no, I've never played either of those or any game like them. I just think I'd like to, but don't want to look through all the rules for either.

I've recently learned about a table-top game called Cogent Roleplay. Was created by some brothers who have a Youtube channel for this stuff (Tabletop Time). I found them cause one of the brothers has his own channel about Medieval history. Particularly about Medieval swords (Shadiversity).

Any who, Cogent Roleplay seems to be a blueprint for making your own table-top game. Doesn't matter the genre. Medieval, Sc-fi, Modern, Action, Adventure, Survival, Detective, etc. I've been looking the online rule book (Downloadable from the Cogent Roleplay Website). I'm still not done, but from what I've been looking through, It's possible to play this on Gaia using that dice roll mechanic they have for the forums. Once I'm done ready everything I can, I'm gonna see if it's possible.

Of course the real issue is getting others to play with me. Said rule book is over sixty pages, and I don't know if anyone or any of you are willing to put the time to look through it to play. Gods know I'm having trouble getting myself to read it. Still,
I'm gonna go with it for now and hope this works out for me. I really do want to RP and try this game out. Who knows, maybe I can start a guild for it. One can dream I suppose.