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Neoma Feld (Unity Corps)
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What is your name?: Neoma Feld
Do you have a nickname?: Neo
How old are you?: She was 14 when she was turned. That was 487 years ago, so she is 501 years old now.
Gender?: Female
Relatives?: Her original family are all probably dead by now.. Except maybe descendants, but she doesn't know for sure.
Charlotte Feld - Charlie is her sire, and adoptive mother.
What day were you born?: December 8th
Occupation: Alchemist
Sexual Orientation?: Asexual
Relationship Status?: Single
Birth place?: Selene
Current Residence?: Amani
Species: Vampire
Race: French
What color is your hair?: Platinum blonde
What color are your eyes?: Gold
What is your skin tone?: Light
How tall are you?: 4'6"
How much do you weigh?: 73.5lb
Which faction are you on? "If I really have to choose, I suppose.. Deviants."
Powers and abilities:
Alchemy - She is a practitioner of Alchemy, the mystic and scientific pursuit of the power of the Philosopher's Stone and Universal Panacea, focusing on Elemental Transmutation, creating golems to making permanent changes on the state of matter, various forms of Elemental Manipulation (the four 'traditional' elements), and potion creation. She also knows how to create magical items, generally for practical use.
~ Most of it requires the use of a laboratory or workshop.. And time.
~ Advanced alchemy often needs to be channeled through an object, like through hermetic circles.
~ The most basic law of Alchemy is equivalent exchange. Nothing is gained without something of equal value being lost.

Potioncraft - She can create potions, which are substances with magical properties such as enhancing physical and mental abilities, healing, granting powers, changing shape, or bewitching someone depending on the kind of potion that is made. Some potions come in different forms of liquid, such as jelly, stew, brew, or even soup. They can also be made into solid form, often pills, powder, candy, and occasionally drugs.
~ Each effect has a separate formula, with some potions requiring rare or difficult to acquire ingredients. The amounts are very important as well, but there are other factors that can have an effect on how it turns out.
~ Incorrect brewing can cause backfiring, such as the potion not having the desired effect, or even the concoction blowing up if unstable ingredients are involved.
~ A potion's effects are always temporary, unless it is specifically made to be long lasting. Even then, it will not last forever.
~ It depends on the potion, but usually one must drink a potion to be effected by it.
~ They often have less than great side effects, depending on what they do.
~ It is generally best to not use a second potion if the effects of the first one haven't yet worn off, or if under the effect of some other kind of magic, unless you know for sure what will happen. Mixing magic can have some... Interesting results, some of which can be permanent.
Energy Circle Manipulation - She can create energy circles which have two purposes. For magical purposes, the circles carry different incantations and runes that release arcane energy in various forms. For scientific purposes, the circles can better transmute materials and elements, focusing them for alchemical techniques.
~ Circles have to be prepared before use.
~ How powerful a circle is is entirely related to the size of it. Bigger is generally more powerful, but also more tiring.
~ And yes, using these circles is tiring.
~ If broken, a circle's power will cease.
~ She can use a maximum of five at once.
~ If she makes a mistake while drawing up a circle.. Let's just say it'll do something, but it won't be what she wanted.

Vampire Physiology - She has the physiology of a vampire, meaning that she has enhanced strength, speed, endurance, agility, and heals quickly from most physical injuries. This is due to her being undead, so her body doesn't have the same limits it did when she was alive. She also has excellent senses and is well adapted for a nocturnal life.
~ Because she was turned as a child, she is not as physically strong as 'adult vampires'. (She is capable of moving 150 - 225 pounds with little effort, with the maximum weight being around 375- 625 range with the proper leverage aiding her as well.)
~ She also is not as durable as an adult vampire.
~ Not eating weakens her abilities.
~ Sensory overloads can happen, which can have a range of negative effects like nausea, dizziness, temporary deafness or blindness, loss of balance, etc. They can be caused by anything from a particularly potent smell, a bright flash of light, or a sudden, deafening noise.. Just to name a few.

Hypnosis - Neoma is capable of making suggestions to a person's subconscious, using this to influence their conscious mind and actions. Often without them even realizing that they are being manipulated like this. It is usually done through eye contact, or by talking to the target. The effects generally last a short time (about 3 posts).
~ It cannot be used to make someone do something completely against their nature, or against their survival instincts.
~ It requires a certain amount of concentration.
~ Some people are harder to influence, or impossible, the reason usually either being that they are capable of shielding their mind or they are an idiot. Idiots just can't be hypnotized.
~ Deaf/blind people cannot be influenced with this.
~ Either direct eye contact or speaking to the target is required.
~ Direct sunlight negates this ability.
~ Mindless things cannot be hypnotized.

Weakness: ~ Silver. It's painful and annoying, especially when in the form of something sharp and pointy. Injuries caused by silver heal at the same rate as an injury on a normal human.
~ The Sun. She won't die from sunlight, but it does hurt her eyes a lot. Direct sunlight makes it very difficult to use her vampiric abilities, as well as slowing her healing ability.
~ Bloodlust. She requires blood for sustenance. As long as she makes sure to eat enough, it isn't too bad, but if someone gets cut around her, she would probably have to leave the area. If she goes too long without eating, it gets progressively harder and harder to keep from.. Nibbling on someone. She can go about 32 hours before she risks losing control.
~ Garlic disagrees with her. Specifically, the smell of it. If you had a nose like hers, you wouldn't want to be anywhere near the stuff either. It also adds a bit of a nasty flavor to blood, but she can ignore that if she's hungry enough.
~ She cannot enter a dwelling (any place of residence) without an invitation.. However, if she has been invited in once, she can come and go as she pleases.
~ Some beings possess blood that is toxic to vampires. Generally celestial or holy beings such as angels and other creatures close to the light.
~ Holy and light magic. One could definitely say that they are super effective against undead creatures of the night.
~ Most of her ways of defending herself require quite a bit of preparation beforehand.
~ Lupophobia and Cynophobia. She is terrified of wolves. Specifically, werewolves, but it extends to normal wolves, as well as dogs and coyotes.
*What weapon{s} do you specialize in?: She mostly uses her knowledge as an alchemist, so potions and magic circles.. But she prefers not to fight directly.
*Do you have pets? If so what kind?: A nine month old orange tabby kitten named Tiger
*Character Theme:
Personality: Neoma is a very sweet child, usually calm and happy with a smile always on her face. She tends to be quite playful and mischievous at times, but for the most part is content to entertain herself without involving other people. She is a bit odd, having a habit of humming and dancing or playing even when other people are around if they aren't speaking to her directly. She has quite a lot of energy most of the time and rarely sits still. She also seems to be very easily entertained. She talks like an idealist, appearing to believe the best about most things. Like most children, she is impulsive and sometimes acts before she thinks about consequences, or forgets not to do things. She also gets very curious about new things.

Despite her behavior, she is more intelligent and observant than she seems. The youthful appearance and behavior often makes people forget, or not realize, that she is much older than she appears. She can easily watch from a distance without anyone noticing. When provoked or feeling insulted, she can get quite sharp tongued. Flipping from nice to mean and then back again, as if nothing happened. It can seem like she never said anything. She has a fairly long memory, so she can hold a grudge for a long time, making her a bit vindictive. She can be very manipulative as well, when she wants something.

She does not like to think much about the past, especially her early life. When she has to, she often speaks in third person, as if telling a story about someone else as a means of disassociating herself from the events. Over the years, this has developed into a habit she has whenever she speaks about something she remembers. Often she starts with the phrase 'once upon a time'. She loves animals, especially cute and fluffy ones. Cats are a particular favorite. She also loves Charlie very much, seeing the older vampire as a mother figure for most of her life.

It is also interesting to note that she is secretly quite frustrated with the fact that she is basically trapped in a child's body. Even though she is comfortable with this, it can be difficult sometimes, when she remembers that she never will 'grow up'. She can get rather jealous of other females.. But she has learned to be content with her lot in life. She is also a lot more comfortable with adult subjects than one might expect..
Other things we should know about you?: Even though it doesn't give her any nutrition whatsoever, she loves candy and sweet things.
Neoma was born into a very poor family the youngest of three siblings. Both of her parents had to work hard to earn enough money to support them. Keeping a roof over their heads, feeding them, paying for their education. It wasn't great, but they were able to pay for their schooling. Meanwhile, as the youngest, she was left with their neighbors often, starting when she was two years old. They were friends of her mother, so no one had any worries about leaving her in their care. They should have been less trustful.

It's a sad fact that sometimes, people don't know each other as well as they think. Anyone can have a dark secret.. Such was the case here. While her parents were out working, feeling secure in the knowledge that their oldest children were in school and their youngest was safe with their friends. She was not. They were not as trustworthy as her parents thought. Neoma was secretly mistreated by them. Not fed, yelled at a lot, left unattended with dangerous objects.. It was kind of a miracle that she didn't get badly hurt under their care. The worst was that the husband of the woman she often stayed with had.. An unfortunate kind of interest in young children.

It was her mother who discovered what was going on there, when she had to go home early due to an injury. She thought to check on her daughter before going to rest. They tried to avoid going to see healers or a hospital because treatments often cost more than they could afford. She went over and her friend answered the door, telling her that her husband was currently watching Neoma in a different room. The scene that they walked in on was.. To them, quite horrifying, though it wasn't as bad as it could have been. Suffice to say that Neoma was promptly taken home and never went back there.

Life went on as normal for a while, but as she got older, her parents began to notice that she behaved.. Oddly. Even though she wasn't a stupid child, she was very immature compared to other children her age. When she was about eight, she was kicked out of school for misbehavior. This caused her parents even more stress than this jobs did, which led to them arguing about her pretty often. Something she often overheard when they thought she was asleep. They were not certain what to do with her.

When she was ten, they decided that perhaps an older form of education might be better.. Something that would get her working too, while keeping her away from other children. It took some work on their part, but eventually her father was able to get a friend to help them out. His friend knew of a very grouchy old man who was looking to find an apprentice to pass his knowledge on to. This was far from ideal. What her parents wanted was something more practical than alchemy, but they also couldn't be picky. Her siblings were both already working, but even so, they couldn't afford to have an extra mouth to feed that wasn't doing anything to help. She wasn't thrilled either.

So she was sent away to another part of the city, to live with her new teacher. It meant that her family would not have to worry about paying for her expenses. She was given only a day to adjust to being in such a different place before she was put to work. Fetching and carrying things for her mentor, cleaning. Chores that he didn't want to do. Even He wasn't unduly cruel to her, but he did not take kindly to mistakes when she did made them. Prickly as he could be, they got along well most of the time. Most of the time. It took a couple years before he would start actually teaching her some simple things.

When she was twelve, she accidentally broke something important to his work.. And difficult to replace. He was very angry with her. Very angry. After the scolding she got, she was so upset that she ran away. Without paying attention to where she was going, she eventually found herself in a part of the city she hadn't been to before. It was here that she met Charlie. She almost ran into her actually. Charlie recognized that something was wrong and took Neoma to her home.. Even going so far as to give her food and offer to let her stay for as long as she needed. An offer that the child took, even though she quickly found out that Charlie was a vampire.

At first, she was a bit scared, but since the older woman was so nice, after a short conversation about it, she decided that nothing bad would happen. She stayed with Charlie for a week before going back to her mentor. He was understandably upset with her for being gone so long, as were her parents. She stayed in contact with Charlie, quickly becoming good friends with her. Most of the times when they would hang out were when she had to run errands for her teacher. Especially when she needed to go out of the city, Charlie would often go with her. It was probably one of the reasons she normally didn't have any bad experiences.

One night, Neoma had to go into the forest to find a rare flower for her teacher, which only bloomed at night. Charlie went with her to keep her safe. Things were fine.. For a few hours. They had to go pretty deep into the forest to find what she was looking for. While they were there, they unknowingly wandered into the territory of a pack of werewolves. As this night was also a full moon, they had gone out into the woods as well.. And quickly found the two trespassing there. While a vampire may not be very tasty to their kind, a little girl certainly would be. This, along with the usual dislike of vampires, prompted them to attack.

Charlie did her best to fend them off, but she wasn't able to keep them from hurting Neoma. Very badly. The vampire was originally going to take her back to the city, but it quickly became apparent that she couldn't be moved.. Just leaving her to get help wasn't an option either, because the werewolves could come back.. And it was likely that she would have died before Charlie could bring anyone even if they didn't. She didn't want to lose her young friend, so she made a desperate gamble.. On the chance that Neoma might survive the transformation into a vampire.

It was a near thing, but she did survive.. But this left Charlie with another problem. The hunger of a newly made vampire often makes them little more than wild creatures. A hunger that makes them blindly attack anything that seems edible. This was exactly the case with Neoma. Failing human blood, an animal would be quicker and easiest to get ahold of.. And would help calm her down enough to get her home for real food. Blood packets worked very well, even if they were cold. And had the added bonus of not probably killing someone.

Her parents and mentor had to both be informed of what had happened.. But, fearing what her parents would think, she asked Charlie to tell them that she had died. It wasn't a hard lie to go with.. Neoma would have to stay away from humans until she had better self control anyway. Until she was chronologically eighteen, she rarely set foot outside of Charlie's home. She tried going outside shortly after her birthday. And ended up killing someone she came across by chance. That was both a huge mess and rather traumatizing for her. She was not a killer at heart.. And it frightened her too, how easy it was to just end someone else's life.

After that, she avoided going outside as much as possible for a long time, avoiding contact with groups of people except the occasional house guests.. And never being around them by herself, just in case. It wasn't much for practice, but after that.. Incident, it was probably best to start small. However impatient she might be. It proved quite difficult for her to control her impulses, taking nearly two hundred years before she was confident that she could keep herself from killing again. During that time, she also returned to studying alchemy.. Her time before had sparked an interest in it that quickly turned into a passion for learning. While she took up hobbies like trying to learn some instruments, that was her main interest. She was also able to learn more than she might have before, with all of the reading she did.

It was a nicer life than she had initially expected. Charlie made a very good mother, even if she was a bit unconventional. If it was not for her, Neoma likely would not have been able to cope as well as she did. Not to mention moving on. It helped a lot to have a safe place to be.. And someone who was so patient with helping her adjust. It might have taken a long time, but she did learn how to keep herself from attacking people. Around this time, she discovered kittens. And went through a short phase lasting about seventeen years where she kept bringing home kittens when she found them. That was a bit of a strain on Charlie, especially since the younger vampire could come up with a million reasons as to why they should keep every single one.

Luckily, she outgrew it. Kind of. She still has some relapses into bringing home adorable animals. She even became something of a social butterfly, very friendly when she did go outside. She became friends with quite a few of their neighbors, except for the ones that didn't like Fantasy Kind (there are always those people). And the people that were never awake at night. When people began disappearing, she heard about it, but wasn't too worried. There were always some disappearances.. Kidnappings, murders. Not everything was all sunshine and daisies. But this turned out to be quite different. As more people vanished, it sparked a growing unrest.. And hostility.

It was worrying, but she wasn't too concerned. She had been taught over the centuries that home was a completely safe place.. Even when she went out, which was quite often by then as she had managed to get a small job, she never felt like she was personally in danger. Perhaps because she was alert, not to mention that she did look human if someone didn't look too closely. She did see a few times when there were fights between humans and Fantasy Kind. She wasn't sure how she felt about it all.

When Charlie decided to go away to Amani to join with a group dedicated to finding out the truth behind what was happening, Neoma decided that she wanted to go with her. Even though she was technically an adult, she still looked like a child and most people treated her as such.. And she had never been without Charlie since she was turned. She did not want to live alone now, not with everything that was going on.. So she followed her sire to that city. Although she isn't sure she believes things will get as bad as a war even without their interference, she has been helping out in her own small ways since then.

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