Dear Gaia-ry,

I have found a wonderful opportunity for myself and all the fur babies I can handle! I've been volunteering at the animal shelter, soon I'll be working there as well. I absolutely love being able to clean and play with the different cats and dogs we have, helping find them a forever home while also keeping them sane in the meantime.

Today I was at the shelter here in town, and I was given a kitten to bottle feed, only 3-4 weeks old. His name is Elroy and he's black and white. Absolutely precious. I kept thinking about it and thinking about it, realizing I wanted to help in this way more often. My land lord is an animal lover and I spoke to her about allowing me to foster cats and dogs at my duplex/house. Turns out she absolutely loves the idea and is working with me on the pet deposit. Tomorrow I turn in my application to Foster through the Humane Society and I might even be coming home with some kittens or puppies until they find forever homes. <3 I feel like I'm finally doing something worth while.