Silence. True, some say that it is golden, and a sense for when it should be applied could easily build tension in a setting. But when you were killing monsters by the droves, covered in pixelated blood? It was rather annoying. The only things currently filling the ears of this particular warrior was the sound of his blade cutting through the thick hides of these beasts, some demonic mixture between a wild boar and an ogre, and their godawful death cry. They looked ugly, smelled ugly, and for fracks sake, they didn't even have any good loot! how the hell was he supposed to find joy in grinding when there wasn't any damn good loot?! It was infuriating!

Things weren't the same ever since this game launched. Part multiplayer game, part virtual reality. But, this game twisted reality, rather than putting people into the role of a virtual warrior. The earth had changed, the sprawling cities becoming massive hubs for the warriors that would venture forth. Perhaps it was less transformation and more teleportation. No signs of his previous life had been present in this new earth, which he, and most of the other players, had taken to calling it Terra.

Joseph was no strangers to RPGs or their mechanics, and this one was equal parts stock RPG systems with a few quirks. For instance, want to swing two swords and cast spells with each of them? That is remarkably viable. Want to dual wield massive shields and send enemies flying? Remarkably viable as well. This game equally rewarded both stability and ingenuity. For every sword and board tank there was a mage dual wielding spears and casting like crazy.

Which lead to another point. The races. There were five, and every good RPG tended to have some versatility when it came to races. Why have five human alts in skimpy armor when you can have five different races in skimpy armor? It was genius! As such, Humans were one of the more common races. As it usually went. They were balanced, neither top tier, nor in the perpetual mire of suck.

Then you had elves. Your typical waifish, spell shooting, bow firing, tree living dude and dudettes. You needed magic to be casting or some arrows to be shot? They were you androgynous go to people. They were also handy with a sword, believe it or not.

Then, there are demihumans. Your typical half human half animal hybrids. Avians, Mammals, Reptiles, even some Fish. It was all fair game to the demihumans. They were quick, evasive, but were unable to take a hit very well. A class glass cannon or fragile speedster.

Beastmen were your big, hulking animal people. They didn't have the charm of demihumans, as they were essentially walking, talking animals. They hit hard, and could take a hit just as well. They were slow in attacking, and their intelligence was below average. Crappy mages, but the best spinning death machine you could ask for.

Finally, demonoids. Sex appeal incarnate. They wore very little on either side of the gender slider, and thanks to their demonic powers, they hit hard, and fast. But they were also ridiculously squishy, unable to take even the slightest hit. It was advised to keep them away from any strong breezes, or you'd risk a party wipe.

Anyway, back to Joseph. His avatar was blond, long haired, and had brilliant green eyes. his body was average, but he did very much enjoy his new virtual home. Eye candy everywhere, a world of sensory wonder, and a great soundtrack, if it ever wanted to play. Grumbling to himself as he sat surrounded by dead orcs, or whatever the hell they were, he scrolled through menus, finding his options setting.

"Well that's why it wasn't fracking playing." He grumbled, turning his sound up. "How the hell did it even get turned off? Damn beta..." He said, sighing some as he stood, brushing blood off as the corpses around him disappeared into wisps of black smoke. "Almost enough to start a guild. Then again, maybe I should just join one? Pros and cons to each choice..." He said, sighing some. "Maybe I should just solo it until I find my first unique? Go figure it will be a wand or something I can't even use with my build." Not that there were any builds. You learned a skill, you trained said skills up, augmenting them as you went. Most people just referred to it as a build anyhow. Familiarity and all that good rot.