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Homestuck inspired troll related b/c 

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:29 pm
The Community Center & Town Hall was a far cry from Panili’s humble abode. Instead of cobbling together chairs from the nutrition block, enough comfortable seating was arranged in a large circular format (echoing the motif of the Lightseekers Settlement). And, instead of the cramped living room with snacks from the orangeblood herself, a bounty of fresh crops and still-hot pastries were displayed on one end of the vast meeting hall. Progress was possible, real, and evidenced by the impressive work done by the Lightseekers - both crew and newcomers. The biggest change since last meeting was the smile on Panili’s face. The atmosphere was light. No dire warnings or prophecies had marred the prospect of space travel, innovation, freedom.

Trolls trickled into the hall prior to the meeting. Panili hung back, conversing with Captain Piccal. The orangeblood preened her lusus’ neck feathers while speaking with her typical blunt tone. Nearby, Shenso was laughing at something that Malory was saying, clutching his arms to his broad chest to stable himself. Even the dour Loulah looked to be amused, a small smirk tipping the corner of her lips.

Welcome to the meeting! Feel free to interact with Panili or the Space Crew. Once everyone is settled in, the meeting will begin. Go team!  
PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 12:19 pm
Another shot at space... Leaving the planet felt like a far-off dream, then once a remnant fell out of the sky, there had been fleeting hope. And yet no follow-up until the disasterous program. Efforts to sabotage trollkind's renewed progress towards returning to the stars.

Then the ads came along, sometime after the space tower went private and everyone went back to their nightly lives. Another shot. More vigilance. Perhaps success? Of course Panili was on her mind immediately, and not long after an opportunity to discuss the current events with the Lightseekers proper. Of course Mera went, she wouldn't miss it for the world.

And she made sure a friend was aware of the meeting. Nictor was a gentle soul, and also knew Koko, her fellow member. Getting involved with the community would be good for him, and perhaps even enjoy? Definitely seemed to need that socialization...

Mera was on the look-out for familiar faces, especially the one that she was trying to recruit. But at the same time, she had to admire all the work that had gone into the settlement. Trolls were truly backing the project, the ideology. Alternia could change for the better. Mera wanted to hope.

Plus nothing this time about prophecies. Not that it kept Hemera from slight anxiety knowing that there were people out there with nefarious purposes, but at least this time it didn't seem like a near-inevitability. And only near. They did save at least a tower.

Even with everything going on, Mera wanted to check in with Panili quick. Finding an opening, Mera waved and nodded politely to everyone before turning her attention to the orangeblood. "Panili! How have you been? The settlement is looking fantastic! Are you excited about the next step we're getting to take to return to the stars?"



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PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:55 pm
"Oh good, they haven't started yet!" Amonee poked his head in through the door before looking behind himself to call out to his companions. He held the door open to let his friends inside, particularly Nucleo who loved to take chances like these to pass out snacks and drinks in an effort to contribute.

"Panili, it's good to see you again! And hello, Hemera!" He gave the two of them a joyous smile before turning his attention to making room on the pastry table for the sandwiches and such that they had brought. He tucked a handful of everything- ooh was that a cherry strudel?- on a plate to sample. He was excited to work on this project as a community, it made him feel good to help others. He wondered who all was coming. It had sounded like the Lightseekers had grown a lot while he hadn't been paying attention!

"So Xav, Eilidh, did you watch the Bachelor last night?" Amonee beamed, eager to talk about his tv shows as usual. They had some time before the meeting began so why not fill it with a little small talk?

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I figured Eilidh came along with Amonee, Nucleo and Xavier but if you want me to edit that out, just let me know! : }

PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:06 pm
Wallas had taken something of an interest in these Lightseekers when he passed by their booth at Bloodfest. He hadn't actually done anything at the booth, but from what he had heard, their creed seemed intriguing. Non-violence, self-sufficiency, a quest for knowledge and unity... it sounded very pie-in-the-sky and too good to be true, yet somehow very appealing. Wallas would be quick to admit that he wasn't the best fighter; he was a maker, not a breaker. It would be nice to be able to walk around without fear of getting caught in some brawl or otherwise ending up maimed or culled or what-have-you. (Not that he believed it would happen anytime soon.)

When he entered, he entered cautiously and quietly. (Wouldn't it be something if a fan from Superstar Authority were here? On second thought, he preferred the quiet entrance to being discovered.) He gave a quick wave to the people in the room, then snuck up to take a pastry or two from the array in the meeting hall. Maybe he could get some cooking tips from these folks...

Wallas is open for interaction!


Dairah felt she had to check the Lightseekers out mostly to satisfy her own curiosity. They seemed to have lofty goals, yet good ones. When she heard of the Lightseekers' intentions (something about unity, a lack of violence, and being self-sufficient, or something), it occurred to her that such an organization might be good for business. Peace was favorable to trade, wasn't it? Then again, so was war, in a way, or so she thought. Well, if peace ever came, she would find out. People were going to need supplies regardless of the violence level of a given region, so maybe she'd be in business no matter what.

Dairah arrived with a smile and a cheery "Hi!" directed at everyone. She was clutching a basket of fine produce, and she nearly dropped it when she saw what had already been set out. There were so many fruits and veggies laid out... her hospitality offering was going to be swallowed up. Feeling a bit put out at being outdone, she set her basket somewhere in the middle of the rows of produce. Maybe someone would notice the card with "Cart Wheeling Deals" stamped on it...

Dairah is open for interaction!


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PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 6:39 pm
Xavier had received the invitation and decided it was within reason to attend. Anu had stayed home this time, partly so she could keep an eye on Papa Bear, and with a new season's crops growing she had wanted to tend her garden. Xavier had promised to come home soon and had with great reluctance trusted she would be safe in their secluded tree hive nestled at the end of Busthind.

His eyes glanced around, feeling a bit nervous despite being in good company. Ever since the superstar authority he'd gotten more used to city life, and being around a bunch of trolls...but he wasn't his persona Tintroll. He usually felt overwhelmed in such situations much like these. With his matesprite close by, he turned to her leaning in to whisper. "Thanks for coming with." He smiled appreciatively.

It would be alright, he could see the smile on their leaders face. "Hello, Panili!" Xavier called out, shyly waving to her in a warm gesture of greeting. He did not feel nearly as worried once he caught sight of that gentle expression.

"Good call leaving early." He nodded to not only her but Amonee and Nucleo alike.

Smiling he glanced to his companions again, as if their presence brought comfort. His eyes fell on Amonee for a long moment. His right hand reached out to touch his moirial's hand, lacing his fingers with his to give it a gentle squeeze. His other hand was entwined with Eilidh's, something the pair of matesprites usually did as a sign of affection. This, of course, felt different, as the other boy was his moirial. "No. I haven't seen the most recent episode, was it good?" He asked with a raised brow.

Glancing to Nucleo he looked thoughtful. "I bought some lemonade as well...I should go set the jug out." He pursed his lips in consideration, the bag at his backside containing it, along with other supplies.

Hobo Pixi.



PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:19 pm
“Ah, Hemera!!” Panili chirped. She took Hemera’s hands in her own (as small as they were) and gave them a soft squeeze. “So happy you could make it. Honestly, we couldn’t have done it without all the help we’ve been getting. Gives me hope!”

It was true; the Alternians that had stopped by (even Moteku, to Panili’s surprise) were surprisingly altruistic. There wasn’t much to gain from such a grassroots organization, and yet even one of the most violent races could come together. At least for a while. Was change possible?

“The sky is closer now than ever. I keep seeing flashes of light - a new beginning! This will be a boon for us… Truly a chance to reach the planet while extending outwards.” She released Hemera’s hands and folded her own over her chest.

Recognizing and giving a nod to the ever lovely Amonee, Panili soon returned to beam at Hemera. “I’ve got a bit of an organizational announcement to make when I start the briefing. I don’t want it to come as a total shock to you, but it’ll be a bit of a surprise. It’s a good thing, I promise!”

Her attention was pulled away briefly to give an enthusiastic wave to Xavier. Both jadebloods in one place - truly, she was blessed! It was still a bit surreal to have them in her presence. Agents of older times, a symbol of nurturing, sun walkers filled with life. Regardless, they were all Alternians, weren’t they?

“Oh! If you have food or drinks,” the orangeblood announced, “feel free to set them with the rest! Thank you! My goodness, we have a feast tonight!”




Vice Captain


PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 7:55 pm
Nictor nervously shuffled in through the door, glancing back at Kolako again jsut to be sure she was still there.

He's heard about the Lightseekers a bit. A group of trolls focused on peace and nonviolent progress sounded too good to be true. He felt that nervous prickle of doubt on the hairs on his neck and the tips of his fingers that he rubbed on his pant legs, trying to dispel the nervous energy. He was being optimistic. That meant not worrying that maybe they were kind to each other but not to him, not thinking how he could accidentally break something and feel gross and terrible if they're really as nice as their values say or get dragged down the main thoroughfare and kicked around by all the maliciously laughing children. Optimistic. Positive. Think positive.

He knew he backslid a little into the worst of his nervous tendencies for a while there. Nictor compulsively rubbed at his nose, expressions scrunching a little at the sensation of muted pressure from the scarred flesh stretching across the horizontal axis of his face. He'd been better and gotten bad again for a little bit there, but he thought he was back to okay again. At the every least. Probably.

The fact he'd just signed up to get launched into space was frankly mind boggling and he was trying very very heard to ignore the encroaching terror at the thought of being trapped with other trolls in a confined space where he couldn't get away. But also, the stars. It was awesome and frightening and he was trying not to space out thinking about that right now.

Right now he was entering the hall where the Lightseeker's meeting was being held and he felt rather out of place among these trolls. There weren't too many yet, but he still managed to feel displaced. Here he was walking into a meeting he didn't belong in. He'd been invited by Kolako and Hemera, two trolls he trusted and was friends with, both had answered his concerns by telling him he was more than welcome. And he was trying to believe it but it was just a little hard.

Perhaps the other worrying factor here was he really had no idea what the meeting was about other than a social event which really wasn't his scene, so to speak. Not much of a socializer this one. What a shocker.

Kolako next to him helped settle him a bit, kept him from cowarding out halfway here, and the settlement, while still under heavy construction, was beautiful to look at. So it wasn't all bad! It wasn't bad at all really, he just, he was nervous. That's always how it is though.

Looking over the gathering, Nictor spotted a familiar tealblood talking to an orangeblooded child. Nictor almost started forward. But then he didn't. He thought about it but Hemera was already in conversation. It would be rude to interrupt, right? He didn't want to upset or bother her, especially after he bumbled up to her Superstar Authority booth like a walking disaster. But. She didn't tell him off then, she had just been concerned. So. so yeah he should go talk to her? Right?

A master of social situations Nictor was not.

"H-Hemera i-i-is over th---ere," Nictor stuttered, hesitatingly grasping Kolako's wrist to get her attention as he motioned jerkily with his other hand. "I-I'm g-g-gonna go, uh. Say hi."

That sounded a little silly to himself but well, Hemera had also invited him and he didn't want her to think he didn't come. Maybe he could wait to catch her later, but then there might be more trolls around and at that point he knows he'll have retreated to a corner, hopefully with Kolako as company, and wait the rest of the gathering out. So, gathering up whatever passed for courage, Nictor made his way around the group of chattering trolls near the entrance, careful to make sure he kept steady. He slowed a bit, or well, maybe a lot, as he got closer, second guessing if this was really a good time but well. It was kinda of too late now. And he was doing exactly what he'd done during superstar Authority again why did this seem like an acceptable idea? He was in front of her though, she'd probably already seen him, backing off now might seem weird or worrisome and he didn't want to do that again. Assuming she spared more worry for him beyond their interaction at her booth.

"A-ahh, h-hey, um, Hemera," Nictor said, maybe a little softly, but hopefully loud enough to gain her attention.

Gl!tch~]nervous bab sa
ojhuz747:3="Gl!tch~]nervous bab says hi

Tsarzi came in, her hands and feet freshly cleaned, but spots of mud on her hip wrap and pants gave away that she'd been outside working until moments ago. As per usual these days, she'd been spending more of her free time here at the Settlement, helping further construction and observing the community as it took shape. It was interesting to say the least. She often was put off by trolls and their tendencies, but Panili and the space crew were striving for progress on their own terms, setting out a goal and reaching for it. It was a cause she could get behind, a philosophy far more appealing than the typical tripe she saw.

The meeting was set to start not long from now and Tsarzi was in need of a break anyway before she tackled repairs that needed down out around the hiveblocks. The town hall was all set up with food and refreshments and she'd already done some cool down stretches to be sure her muscles wouldn't get sore. Lupos nosed in behind her, quickly retiring to the wall to settle in and relax under the white noise chatter of the trolls.

Tsarzi eyed her lusus for a second before giving the gathered parties another assessing look. It was an interesting note that she saw more than a couple faces she recalled being among the superstar Authority roster with her. Intriguing. She wasn't aware so many of the entrants were of a like minded philosophy to the Lightseekers.

For the moment though, she needed to refuel her body if she didn't want to burn out. Tsarzi headed for the snack table, taking the fresh fruit and veggies, looking for something to suit a more savory flavor palette among the spread.

((feel free to bug tsarzi she's a little bit of a rude aloof butt tho, sorry))  
PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:03 pm
Chiara Moteku

Chiara walked into the lightseekers compound where the meeting was held with a tray of sandwiches in her hands. She grinned at Panili as she set the plate down for others to partake of. She overheard a little of what Panili was saying, something about more sky and danger? "Heeey!" She said casually to the orangeblood girl. "Saw that Lightseekers Symbol flashing! Looking forward to the game plan!" the blueblood said, winking at the little girl before moving on to say hi to others. She pointedly ignored Hemera, and instead went to where Amonee and Nucleo were standing.

"Haven't seen you two in far too long!" Chiara said, more friendly than usual. She moved to give each of them a hug, with a hard slap on the back. She couldn't be going all sentimental now. Chiara took a second to look Nucleo in the eyes. "Hey," She started out. She didn't like that mushy feeling stuff, but really, she was a little worried about Nucleo getting yet more trauma from a Lightseekers adventure. Instead she held up a her hand for a fist bump, "Got your back bro! Dont hesitate ta call for backup!"





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PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:22 pm
Mera waved to Amonee as he passed by, a smile on her face more genuine and personally glad to see a very familiar face versus the polite smiles she gave to most of his posse who were more just vaguely familiar from previous group moments and not so much one on one. As happens sometimes. She'd have to catch up with the group, especially Amonee, later, for sure.

But her attention was still on Panili. Such high spirits! She loved it. "This is definitely going to be progress for all of us, and a chance to approach it in a nonviolent way..." A reputation of being conquerers. A past to leave behind, as far as she was concerned.

Another thing Panili said made her quirk a brow, though. "An organizational announcement? All right then." Very vague, but if Panili was excited about it, she looked forward to it.

And, of course, Chiara had to come in. She was still trying to be a part of this? Mera's face went blank for a moment. When she moved on far enough, Mera had to mutter, "That's one we might want to talk about later."

And not long after that, a familiar voice. Mera turned her head. Upon seeing Nictor, she had to smile. He came through... And Kolako was likely along as well. They were often not too far from each other. He was soon close enough to be able to introduce.

"Hello and welcome, Nictor, I'm glad you came!"

She turned to Panili. "Panili, this is a friend of mine, Nictor. Kolako and I can both vouch for him. He's a gentle soul who tends to give out honey products at Bloodfest. I've been wanting to bring him in for a while now."


PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:25 pm
4]Sephos Arbola

Sephos entered and was immediately struck by the tingling sensation on his skin, the tightening that he felt when there were suddenly many people around him. And, also, by how much less uncomfortable it was these nights to be around people. His lusus lingered outside. Fortunately, Maku didn't see this as a place of concern, and the treant had been curious - in his patient, slow-moving way - about the settlement and what they had done there and had left Sephos to his own devices to explore (with the stipulation that Sephos find him immediately after the meeting and check in, and so on.)

His unease only lasted a moment this time. It helped that there was no sense of fear, or urgency, or anything in the air that would make him wary. Just the smell of pie and produce. He liked those things.

Panili looked like she was busy - he definitely wanted to talk to her later, though - but there were many other people Sephos wanted to talk to and they were all there. Well, enough. Nucleo and Amonee were there. The Bee-boy was there. It was a lot.

He wasn't uncomfortable, but he did need a moment to acclimate to... all of it. He spent it unloading some of the forest produce he'd brought with him and added it to the table. Rastin would be by soon, he hoped, and by then hopefully Sephos would know hwat he was doing.

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PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:15 pm
More trolls shuffled in. It’d be time to make the announcement soon enough, and the excitement was already building. Panili spotted Tsarzi in the crowd and gave her a smile (though she wasn’t quite sure that she noticed).

“Achoo!” Panili blinked, hearing the sound of herself sneezing but not actually going through with the action. She snapped out of what seemed to be some kind of vision as a tall older yellowblood approached. Panili’s smile broadened -- and then --

“Achoo!” She snuffled, wrinkling up her nose and shaking her head back and forth. With a laugh, she realized that the teen in front of her was covered in pollen. “Excuse me! I suppose I expected you!” She remarked, realizing quickly that Nictor might not have any idea what she meant. She waved her hands in her broad sleeves and took a shallow bow.

“It’s nice to meet you, Nictor! We don’t have any beehives here at the Settlement. If you have some tips on how to get started I’d love to install some and get a colony started here!” She held out her hand for him to shake, sniffnode still tingling from his aura.


PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:42 pm
Hermera greeted him and Nic gave a quavery smile in turn. She looked well enough and sounded in a good humor, so that was nice at least. But then she turned away and started talking more to the orangeblood except it was about him?

Alright so maybe Nictor had expected to say hi to Hemera, maybe have some stilted but friendly conversation with her if she was inclined to ask how he was, and retire quickly from the interaction.

In hindsight he probably shouldn't have expected to be able to get away with that.

Not that he realized this was the ringleader orangeblood of the group. Kolako had told him enough about them that he knew that much and there was some story she told him about the last time there had been a meeting like this, but it had been a little while. Maybe if he sat down and thought on it he could pull up the details, but right this second, it was a big old no go it seemed. Something about the kid was special? Well, Nictor might call it special to send out a call for peace amongst a species that didn't seem to wish for it. It was impressive really. Humbling.

Nictor didn't catch a word of what Hemera said about him. He didn't think it was anything incriminating though? He's pretty sure he heard Kolako's name in there somewhere. He had no idea what expectations were just put in place for him.

His eyes were a little wide when he tuned back into the conversation, blinking a few times at Panilia's sneeze. Ah yes, a reaction that heralded and announced his presence. The good humor was a relief but her words didn't really make much sense.

Expect him? Had Kolako or hemera talk to Panili about him before? That paranoid little voice in his head perked up at the odd statement, breifly wondering if the group was more nefarious than they let on but, expecting him really made no sense at all? He wasn't anyone special or of note. Unless you were a vendor of some kind protecting your wares. Or an innocent bystander about to become victim to the flailing of a bulky yellowblood. Or, okay well maybe he was of note, but not often in a positive way he was sure, wincing at the notion.

"Ah! Uhm, y-yeah, h-hi, it's, nice t-to meet you t--oo," Nictor fumbled, barely managed to not make his introduction sound like a question. He breathed for a moment, trying to clear his head and focus. Away tangential thoughts. He awkwardly took a moment too long to reach for the small offered hand, feeling a little off balance to be welcomed easily and happily. In a good way mind you. After, he quickly returned his hand to hugging his arms to himself, blinking a few more times at Panili. She was very cheerful it seemed, very open, to him at least.

"O-oh, y-yeah. I c-could p-probably help?" Nictor said, pausing to think for a moment. Setting up bee colony, he wasn't quite so skilled in that bit since he dealt with one single big bee, but he did know enough he thought. He could certainly help build a beehive, he helped Beehemoth enough. He wasn't exactly expecting to get asked a question, let alone asked to help, so his brain scattered for a moment and he tried to rapidly collect it before the pause stretched too long. "I-I uh, y-yeah I c-could help w-with making a bee----hive and h-how t-to pr---ocess and h-handle the honey. Um. Yeah."

Did. Did she mean suggestions now? He wasn't sure he had the capacity to sort it all out in his head right that second, but if she was asking, he was willing to assist. Wait. He felt like he was forgetting something.


"S-s-sorry about th-the pollen," he said, flinching and reaching to rub nervously at his cheek. The kid certainly didn't seemed too bothered over it but he felt sorta bad whenever he kicked up trolls' allergies.




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PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 10:50 pm
Garand came in with a curious glance around the room, still feeling a little guilty that he hadn't taken the time to visit earlier than this. There was still time to fix that, of course, and he figured this was the natural first step to being more of a help to this group. It seemed to have nothing but good intentions, and with the former space crew here, he was sure there might be some interesting other takes on current events. Maybe. Or maybe he'd just wanted to see if Loulah would talk to him about guns again. It didn't matter either way.

He wasn't sure she'd even remember him and he didn't want to interrupt if she was involved in the conversation with her crew mates, so for now he just lifted a hand to wave once it looked like she might be glancing his direction. While he'd been looking at the adults, however, Pan had been looking at the other kids and teens filling the room.

There was an excited squeak and a patting at his horn, so he turned to look too finally. Wait, wasn't that...? And over there too? And-? This was a popular group for people involved in Superstar Authority apparently! He reached up to prevent a flying leap from his lusus, shaking his head. "This isn't like at the booths." Maybe he'd better just sit down somewhere and try to calm the mouse down.

a wave and a smile for the coolest gunner

Tzofia had barely even spent time at the Lightseekers booth at Bloodfest, but she'd come away with a flyer that she looked at from time to time, wondering if such a peaceful group could even be real. She'd been working up to visiting, and maybe making a little progress since the contest had given her a little bit of a confidence boost. But the announcement and word of a meeting had been the final push she'd needed.

It wasn't quite enough for her to feel comfortable approaching anyone just yet, even now that she was inside the meeting room, but it was enough to have gotten here. Wringing her hands nervously, she moved in to claim for a seat at what seemed a nice enough distance from the forming groups that she wouldn't be taking anyone's space, but close enough to listen to conversations here and there.

When Peapop, walking in behind her, voiced a complaint that she was not socializing properly, she waved it off with a murmured counter that the meeting would be starting soon. Hopefully very soon. For now she focused on keeping up a friendly smile. There were several familiar faces, after all.
PostPosted: Mon Oct 09, 2017 11:05 pm
"Yeah, set it out before the meeting. And no mustard!" The barista called after Xavier at the mention of his lemonade. He teased him gently as he wandered to set it out before feeling a clap on his back. It was Chiara! As usual, her strength exceeded her appearance.

"I'm the one who should be sending out backup." Nucleo joked, raising his fist to bump Chiara's back. It was good to see her feeling spirited again. The blueblood had quite a reputation and Nucleo still wasn't sure what to think about her. He did know he didn't like the way she'd looked that day...

Taking a deep breath, Nucleo tuned out the world around him as he mused upon that day. Last time Panili had called upon him, it'd ended in a disaster beyond his expectations. Would they face that again? It was an uncomfortable feeling.

Glancing at his friends as they settled in and grabbed what snacks they wanted, Nucleo smiled softly. He failed to grab a plate, he had no appetite. Instead, he took a seat and watched the others talk. He needed to take in these moments and memorize them before any of them were gone.

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PostPosted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 8:26 am
Once again, Rastin arrived wondering what he'd gotten himself into. In the short time from when he and Sephos last spoke he'd tried to mentally prepare himself for any scenario, but as he entered the center and noticed how calm it was, he found himself anything but prepared.

It was far too light of a scene, he reasoned, a brush of anxiety stroking over his chest. Like the calm before a storm, this grouping together felt like a call to arms instead of discussion. Were they really going to set off, volunteer, and go home easy as that? Doubtful, very doubtful, but an honorable effort for optimism.

Still, he wasn't there for himself, he was there for someone far more important. Someone who he felt gave him purpose and reason. He couldn't back down now.

"Sephos!" He called, quickly nudging himself toward the greenblood. He paused, taking a moment to look around, and looked to his friend. "Have I missed anything?"


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