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Mx Cherie
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PostPosted: Mon May 29, 2017 2:43 pm
Dance the Spiral Dance

May's Monthly Background RP!

User Image

Opens: Now! Closes: June 12th @ 11:59 PM EST!
Reminder: If you won a Familiar the month of May you will not be eligible to win this pet.

Although dark tales still surface from the ocean's depths, the weather has warmed and with that shift the lands have been festooned with flowers. From the jungles to the farthest north, where even now the wolves howl, new life has breathed into the Kawani Lands. One little bird has left its home in those verdant jungles to find a sprig of lavender for its nest-- a rarity indeed in those lands. This flower has a special meaning for the bird, of healing and rebirth. Though it has an empty nest today, who can say what the future will bring? While braving the unknown, the bird has come across many Soquili and familiars alike celebrating the coming of summer in their individual ways. What might it have seen in its travels?
PostPosted: Mon May 29, 2017 2:52 pm

Prompt: Although not every Soquili or familiar prays to the gods for fertility and growth, perhaps one among your herd desires to expand their family, or endeavors to attain personal growth.

What rituals do your Soquili have that help them in their daily lives? Perhaps they have a particular plant that they feel aids them when they're ill,
or perhaps they believe that a certain time is best to put seeds in the ground. Perhaps, rather than having a ritual, they simply have a wish? What do your Soquili do to try to achieve their goals?

**Please note: If your prompt response meets the word count requirement for stats you can also link your post in the monthly stat thread and count it as RP for your pony.**

Note: In order to count for the month of May, you must make your prompt response prior to the cut-off on May 31st. However, it would count for June stats, so feel free to post your entry for them!


A certain enterprising bird who seeks to add to their nest! And perhaps a little something extra.

User Image

To enter: please post a current pre-existing RP (since March 2017) that is themed around fertility, wishes, or personal growth. Each entrant will get at least one ticket -- non-staffers get two tickets by default. If you do not have a RP, please post a response to the above prompt. You may enter as many times as you wish, but each entry must be with a different character and with a separate RP. RPs must be at least five posts long to be counted. RP prompt responses may be as short as two sentences! We're not asking for a novel. Once again, you cannot use the same RP for multiple Soquili!

Note: This will count for your May familiar freebie.

[size=18][color=thistle][b]I wish I May, I wish I might![/b][/color][/size]

[size=11][b]Username:[/b] Your name, of course.
[b]Who are you entering with?[/b] Ideally a Soquili or familiar. If you have neither, please enter with a Kawani villager, etc.
[b]Link to the RP you're using:[/b] [url=]Text[/url], please give a brief description.
[b]Prompt response:[/b] If you do not have and do not wish to create a RP on this topic, please post a roleplay response here.

I wish I May, I wish I might!

Username: Your name, of course.
Who are you entering with? Ideally a Soquili or familiar. If you have neither, please enter with a Kawani villager, etc.
Link to the RP you're using: Text, please give a brief description.
Prompt response: If you do not have and do not wish to create a RP on this topic, please post a roleplay response here.

Mx Cherie
Vice Captain

Dashing Demigod

Mx Cherie
Vice Captain

Dashing Demigod

PostPosted: Mon May 29, 2017 2:53 pm
Saved just in case!  
PostPosted: Mon May 29, 2017 2:54 pm

    Page 1
  1. Calixita
  2. AislingJuno
  3. AislingJuno
  4. AislingJuno
  5. AislingJuno
  6. AislingJuno
  7. AislingJuno
  8. dawns_aura
  9. dawns_aura
  10. belloblossom
  11. belloblossom
  13. spelldancer
    Page 2
  14. Tara de Draiocht
  15. Tara de Draiocht
  16. Jackariah Beckett
  17. Jackariah Beckett
  18. Thalea
  19. Thalea
  20. ~Twilight...Angel~
  21. ~Twilight...Angel~
  22. ~Twilight...Angel~
  23. ~Twilight...Angel~
  24. ~Twilight...Angel~
  25. ~Twilight...Angel~
  26. ~Twilight...Angel~
  27. ~Twilight...Angel~
  28. DarkenWoodWolf
  29. DarkenWoodWolf
  30. Mahogany Sunset
  31. Mahogany Sunset
  32. Kara Asumie
  33. Ryuukishin
  34. Kara Asumie
  35. Kara Asumie
  36. dawns_aura
  37. dawns_aura
  38. Kaya Wolf Moon
  39. Kaya Wolf Moon
    Page 3
  40. AstoriaFallen
  41. AstoriaFallen
  42. Nyx Queen of Darkness
  43. Nyx Queen of Darkness
  44. AislingJuno
  45. AislingJuno
  46. ProphetOfProfit
  47. ProphetOfProfit
  48. Dea and #Teddy#
  49. Dea and #Teddy#
  50. Wasteland Wyvern
  51. Wasteland Wyvern
  52. ~Latonia de la Courtel~
  53. ~Latonia de la Courtel~
  54. Mewsings of An Angel
  55. Mewsings of An Angel
  56. Uta
  57. Uta
  58. Phail Ninja
  59. Whoan
  60. Whoan
  61. Summer Raaven
  62. Summer Raaven
  63. AislingJuno
  64. AislingJuno
  65. Whoan
  66. Whoan
  67. AislingJuno
  68. AislingJuno
    Page 4
  69. Nyx Queen of Darkness
  70. Nyx Queen of Darkness
  71. Rita Zyon
  72. Rita Zyon
  73. AislingJuno
  74. AislingJuno
  75. AislingJuno
  76. AislingJuno

Disclaimer: Calixita compiled the list. Cherie will still need to verify the list and entries before they roll the prize~

Mx Cherie
Vice Captain

Dashing Demigod


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PostPosted: Tue May 30, 2017 11:39 pm
I wish I May, I wish I might!

Username: Calixita
Who are you entering with? Anevay
Link to the RP you're using: n/a
Prompt response: There was little Anevay enjoyed more than the sense of adventure; she woke up each morning prepared for it, and went to sleep every night dreaming of it. It's why she believed in taking chances, and most of all, conquering fears. She didn't want anything to hold her back from finding the next great thrill. So no, she wasn't fearless, not yet -- but she was more afraid of missing out than anything else, so she pushed herself forward every day, seeking out new and greater dangers to test her resolve. And hey -- no matter what happened, at least she'll have come out with another great story to tell, and hopefully some lessons learned. (She wasn't always so great with that last part.)
PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2017 8:45 pm
I wish I May, I wish I might!

Username: AislingJuno
Who are you entering with? Wen Tian
Link to the RP you're using:
Prompt response: Well I can't say I have a particular ritual at least not a spiritual or religious ritual. Maybe the only rituals I follow are the ones I make for myself. I have daily habits that include getting up early in the morning when the air is still crisp. The grass still has a dew on it. I've heard that a group of tea traders resides somewhere in the soq lands. It is said that some of these traders know of a type of tea that requires morning dew. It seems like it would be a tedious task to collect a flask of morning dew for tea but I am not a tea trader. I would not venture out to collect dew but perhaps such a tea is so delicious that it would be worth the pain of harvesting morning dew. I rather leave collecting morning dew to a soq with a passion for tea making. I would much rather enjoy my morning ritual of waking up early in the morning and seeing the sun as it slowly made its way over the horizon. For me the morning is peaceful time when the Air is especially fresh. I believe greeting the sun must be part of birds morning ritual. Since they sing so loudly and in such big numbers. They must be the first ones every morning to celebrate the rising sun as it makes its way on the horizon. My fam Catapillar man, is clearly not at all bird like. He hates to come with me on my morning ritual. In fact he hisses at me if I walk him. He often sleeps until the afternoon and when he wakes up the first thing he does is smoke his hookah. I have grown wise and learned not to bother him during his own unusual ritual. We are both no longer young so we are set in our ways. I cannot change him and at this point in my life I do not want to change him. He is what he has and I have to accept that my fam in an unusual being but I am not surprised I have such unusual fam. I am strange and eccentric in my own way so it is no surprise the two of us bonded. When I was younger I was unruly and self centered. I cared little for how others perceived me and I cared little for others in general. I only focused on myself, but I've changed a lot and grown in character. My lizard on the other hand never changes which is part of his charm. In him I see a little bit of myself when I was younger. I think it is good for me to see that reflection, it keeps me centered and focused on who I want to be.


Geared Gatekeeper


Geared Gatekeeper

PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2017 8:51 pm
I wish I May, I wish I might!

Username: AislingJuno
Who are you entering with? Briar Rose
Link to the RP you're using:
Prompt response: Well my family has always been very respectful towards flowers. My brothers, my sister and I were always taught how to take care of the flowers. Especially roses which were my mothers favorite flower and the reason why my sibling and I have rose names. My mother used to teach us what was the best time to prune the roses and how to make rose hip tea after the roses had bloomed. Alara was my mothers name and she had a voice that was a sweat as a bird. She used to sing as she gardened and she would often teach us songs to fit specific tasks. Perhaps my rituals are the songs my mother taught us to honor the flowers. It been many years since I heard my mother sing but I still remember most of her songs. What songs I don't remember my sister or brothers remember so we did not forget what our mother taught us. She told us, she had learned songs from her mother who in tern had learned the songs from her mother and so on through the generations. Through our songs honoring the roses we remember kind wonderful mother who is no longer with us. She had originally said she was tired and that her back was hurting her. She started to sing less and less as time went by. She was never able to regain her Sprite like energy and eventually she faded away until she was skin and bones. Her body fed the flowers she loves so much. The flowers that grew over her grave were more colorful and vibrant than any other roses that grew in the area. The hue of the roses was beautiful and he knew his mother would have been happy she had been able to help the roses even after she had died. After she had died of sickness are father soon followed. I believe that he could not fathom a world without his mate and her beautiful light soprano voice. Their father would not eat no matter how much they encouraged him and they did not have the heart to force him to eat. They all knew how much their father love their mother. Their father wanted to join their mother and while it was painful to watch their father slowly die they had accepted that it was their fathers decision. When the day came that their father chose to pass on they placed him by the side of his mate and his twin siblings placed a white rose over his resting place. Side by side the roses stand by each other , one pink and one white. His sister Blush Rose, often said the red and white rose vines seemed to be reaching toward one another as if their were still trying to touch each other even after they died.

PostPosted: Wed May 31, 2017 8:57 pm
I wish I May, I wish I might!

Username: AislingJuno
Who are you entering with? Ilex Blackthorn
Link to the RP you're using:
Prompt response: I have many rituals but I tend to keep private about most of them. My looks can startle other soq who seemed unnerved about the color of my eyes. My eyes are a milky white color and they faintly glow. Most soq assume I am blind and it unnerves them . I have only meet with one other soq with my type of eyes. She was a dryad but few questioned the color of her eyes because of what she was a tree spirit. Some soq think my eyes are magical but they are really ordinary. I am not at all magical though I don't mind other soqs thinking that if it means they will leave me alone. I don't like the company of most soq, they seem to speak words with little meaning. Like they are afraid of silence so they speak rapidly but with little intellectual contexts. I seldom leave my swamp so when I meet new soq I have to be on guard against the bombardment of sound. Since I have lived alone for most of my life I understand what joy can be found in silence. Indeed sometimes I realize I haven't spoken in weeks because their was nobody to speak to except the Mother Earth herself. I would say most of my ritual are in honor of the earth mother. I was taught that the earth is the strongest spirit in this plane and it is import to give her thanks for all she has done for us. I will sometimes leave out offerings of food out for her. Though the food is eaten by small creatures but that is the way the cycle works. When the small creatures die their bodies go back into the earth and feed her as she has fed us. I do sometimes speak to the swamp animals, I am quite fond of small fams even the gators that swim in my swamp. We have created an alliance of sorts. I don't bother them and they steer clear of me. I do allow the food scraps from my meals but that doesn't happen often. I usually just catch enough fish that can properly sustain me. I don't like killing any plant or animal but my body was built to need high levels of protein and other nutrients that are found in fish. I know the fish didn't grow to adulthood to feed me but I do try to thank them for their sacrifice. I don't take for granted what I have or what I have taken to live. I might scare other soq but I don't do it out of evil intentions. I am who I am a simple soq of the swamp and I will not change my ways to conform to the soq population at large.


Geared Gatekeeper


Peaceful Demigod

PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 3:18 pm
I wish I May, I wish I might!

Username: dawns_aura
Who are you entering with? Brynden BloodRaven Rivers
Link to the RP you're using: n/a
Prompt response:
I have never believed in faith or superstition or rituals. Such things were for those of weak mind and no ambition or drive to change circumstances for themselves. Life is harsh and unfair. There is little one can do to change this. At least this was what I thought for most of my life. Encouraged to think this by those who called me and Shiera monster, shunned us for being different. When the herd was nearly decimated and we were run out from lands, and sent to an area that was less than welcoming. We were considered monsters and outcasts. This further reinforced what I had always thought to be true.

But then, then I met her. And she began to show me that maybe I was wrong. She showed me that I was more than I always believed I was. I was no monster. I was simply who I might want to be. She gave me the courage and the impetus to become what I wanted to be.

So where some might have Rituals or wishes... I have something better. I have someone who believes in me and loves me for me. That, that is everything.
PostPosted: Thu Jun 01, 2017 10:24 pm
I wish I May, I wish I might!

Username: belloblossom
Who are you entering with? Savannah
Link to the RP you're using: Little Wonders, in which Savannah and Tove revel on their recent spirit breeding and the baskets pop!
Prompt response: n/a


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PostPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 3:44 am
I wish I May, I wish I might!

Who are you entering with? Asteria
Link to the RP you're using: I see the world in a sea of stars, Asteria uses the stars to divine the future of her sisters and tell their fortune.
PostPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 11:39 am
I wish I May, I wish I might!

Username: Lady Argentum Draconis
Who are you entering with? Arthur Flew
Link to the RP you're using: Meteor Showers Among Other Things, Arthur comes to terms that he and Aalun are not the horrible match he thought they were and that having her in his life is not the worst thing in the world.

Lady Argentum Draconis

Enduring Hunter

Lady Argentum Draconis

Enduring Hunter

PostPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 11:43 am
I wish I May, I wish I might!

Username: Lady Argentum Draconis
Who are you entering with? Aalun
Link to the RP you're using: Cornerstones, Aalun is pregnant with her and Arthur's first set of children and adjusting to the changes it will bring to their lives. As well as meeting a new companion who takes the business of babies very seriously.
PostPosted: Fri Jun 02, 2017 11:51 am
I wish I May, I wish I might!

Username: Lady Argentum Draconis
Who are you entering with? Eridanus
Link to the RP you're using: For the Love of Heaven, Eridanus takes the next step in admitting his feelings for Aruhe and the pair discover an abandoned basket and decide to adopt it as their own.
Prompt response: N/A

Lady Argentum Draconis

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Swashbuckling Fairy

PostPosted: Sat Jun 03, 2017 8:43 am
I wish I May, I wish I might!

Username: spelldancer
Who are you entering with? Rakesh
Link to the RP you're using: N/A
Prompt response: “There is little in life that does not have a ritual associated with it. Even without realizing it, we create rituals. That is the beauty of life. From waking to sleeping every moment is precious and when done with purpose and care, we create harmony.”

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