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A Dragonriders of Pern B/C RP 

Tags: Pern, Dragons, Dragonriders, Role-Play, Fantasy 

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Loved Darling

PostPosted: Tue May 16, 2017 3:40 pm
Name: Goran
Age: 18 Turns
Sex: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual? This may change.
Craft: None.
Rank: N/A
Location: High Reaches
Physical Description: Big; everything about the man seems to imply as much. From his towering height to his broad shoulders, to his strong limbs and large hands and feet, Goran is a physically intimidating man. The scowl he always wears on his face doesn’t help things much. Roughly cropped, dark brown hair is short enough that it doesn’t obscure his hazel eyes, but it always looks messy. More often than not, he cuts it himself with a knife, and is badly in need of a better ‘look’. His face is hard and angular, a strong, thick jaw often sporting unkempt stubble. He is actually missing one of his front teeth, but it’s hard to notice since he doesn’t talk much. Goran looks more like a man in his prime rather than a teenager, which helps to keep overly friendly people from trying to approach him. His clothes are often shoddy and too small, often bearing crudely-repaired holes and the occasional smear of dirt and other stains.

Personality: Silent, gruff, and with his actions sometimes bordering on cruel, Goran wants nothing to do with people and prefers to keep to himself. His physical appearance often pushes him into the stereotype of a bully, and he has molded his personality to seem that way in better hopes of driving others away from him. If a particularly determined individual continues to talk to him, he will often reply in monosyllabic answers or grunts, and one will usually grow fed up enough to leave him be. In truth, the man speaks very slowly, and most are fooled into believing he’s a few glows shy of a basket. This isn't a far stretch, considering his lack of education thanks to his family's poverty. Goran is surprisingly clever, and takes his time when it comes to answering people so he can supply the best answer possible.

He is quick to anger if people push him where he doesn't want to be pushed, and has been known to react with physical violence as a result of his childhood. No one cares if you die alone in the mines of Nabol, and Goran was forced to learn to defend himself at a very young age. If it's a situation where he can quietly stomp off, he'd rather do so--but if his pride or honor is at stake, Goran will stand his ground. He holds grudges like no other, and anyone who crosses him badly will forever be ignored or openly scorned. Trust does not come easily to the man, if at all, making him very wary around new faces. He believes he is the only one that can truly support himself.

Despite his many flaws, if one could ever wedge their way underneath his tough exterior, they would find a loyal and capable friend. Goran is especially good at dealing with problems (so long as they have nothing to do with relationships), and will spend days picking them apart until he discovers a suitable solution. Pretty girls make him even gruffer than usual--and a great deal clumsier. They won't be able to get a word out of him if they tried.

The boy has also been known to be a bit of a bully. However, he's very particular about his targets; bullies, people who selfishly use and abuse others are his prime targets. He has no qualms with making their life hell, and will bristle quite visibly whenever he is forced to be in their presence. It is most likely during this time where he will be reduced to more violent, primitive methods of expressing his dislike.

Positive Trait List An adept problem solver, self-supportive, resilient.
Negative Trait List Slow to trust, aggressive, withdrawn.

History: Goran was born on the wagon of a traveling merchant—the product of an affair between said merchant's wife, and a miner at a lesser. The mother was then given a simple choice; keep the babe and get out of sight, or remain his loyal wife and pretend the event had never occurred. She chose the latter. The babe was dropped back at the Hold, and once he was old enough, shipped down to the mines. Goran's slow speech made him a prime target for the other children, and the boy was forced to shut himself down to blunt the worst of their words. Only when his body filled with muscle was he finally left alone. He spent all of his time alone, pulling apart pieces of mining equipment to find out how they worked before quickly fixing them back up before anyone could discover his curious habits.

No one in Nabol much cared that a young man would never be able to grow up and have a good life in such an environment. Though Goran's strength and aggression made him a fine work horse in the mines, he was hardly happy--or healthy, to boot. The dust in the mines had gotten into his lungs over the years, leaving him with a terrible cough that flared up particularly when the air wasn't clean.

It seemed that the young man was fated to an early death, and likely would have succumbed to the hard work of the mines--had it not been for the dragonrider in Search who just happened to notice the boy. Goran leaped at the opportunity to be one of the privileged few who could stand as a Candidate and perhaps Impress a dragon one day.

Other: Goran is surprisingly kind to shy, quiet people and animals. He also responds well toward those who remind him of himself. He can often be found making small carvings out of wood or pulling objects apart to study them. Such quirks are due to his unhealthy fascination with discovering how things work; although he does take the time to fix them when he is finished with his assessment. He also enjoys riddles, and is terrified of heights. Both are well guarded secrets. Because the boy has closed himself down, he doesn't have any personal goals or dreams that he's realized yet. Once he has time to settle and maybe even make some friends at the Weyr, perhaps he will begin to think about what he really wants out of life.

Candidate Specific Questions
Do you want them to have an official Search RP? Possibly! I know Nabol is not an easy place to get out of, so if this was something that needed to be established on how Goran manages to get out through being Searched, I am more than happy to play it out!
Do you understand they will age every passing year regardless if you're there to RP the or not? Yes!
Do you want them to have a possible Stands Impression? Nah!  
PostPosted: Fri May 19, 2017 7:30 pm


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