• Story1 Part2
    August 13, 2011

    I never was a camper, so the tent took at least 30 minutes to put up. "This is going to be a b***h to take down" i said frustrated. Now i had to decide alot of things: Making a fire, how long to sleep... the list goes on forever!! I decide to sleep for 2 hours, i turn on my phone and sett the alarm, hopefully it wont attract attention. "BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ" The alrm blared through the silence i shut it off and turned the phone off. The tent was surprisingly easy to take down. i thought i could see a city in the distance, Yes it was a city, looked like a small one though. that would be good less of those- things. i look through the scope again. "Hmmm, somethings up..." i look over about 30 degrees to the left "what the hell theres nothing."i said. I go closer the city is still a good half-mile from here. As i enter this town i see a couple of zombies that havent seen me yet, idecide to avoid them and enter a building. since the building is close quarters i pull out my knife i see a door and open it. inside there is a survivor, no bite wounds or any thing like that. "Whats your name?" i ask.
    "Just call me Harley, wanna hear my story?"
    "Yes, i do.