• Once there was two best friends,Liana and Willa.They have much bonding together,they treat each other like sisters.They never fight each other.They really love each other.

    Once Liana met a handsome men named Eric.When they met each other they have falling in love with each other.When they realized they love each they become a couple.Eric realizes that he wants Liana to be his wife.Liana says yes to Eric.Willa thought Liana loves Eric more than her.Eric sent a message to Liana.It says:

    My love Liana,
    Our wedding will be right in two days.There's a change because my father arrived here from Paris.He wants to see us.He will be happy,Liana.And I want you to meet me at the garden of your house tomorrow night.See you there,my love.


    Willa thought that Liana loves Eric more than her.She also thought that Liana will leave her when she marries Eric.So she hid the letter to Liana.

    When the night falls,Liana didn't read the letter that Eric told her.It was raining then,so Eric wait in the rain.The morning of the wedding came,there's no bride or either a groom.Eric finds Liana sleeping in the house.Liana didn't know why Eric wait in the rain.Or either the wedding that day.Then Willa cries to Liana telling the truth on what she did.Liana hugs Willa tight.It means she forgives her.

    The wedding day came.Liana and Eric with Willa,lives happily ever after