• It was a warm summer breeze floating through my crystal glass window that woke me in the night. Long and flowing silver hair covered my bed spread and chilled me to the bone. The hair, as beautiful as it was, was not mine. I looked up and was greeted by a pair of dark sultry eyes, inhuman eyes. But they were oh so beautiful and her finger tip touch seemed oh so soft across my bare arm. Her skin sparkled like faceted glass in the full moon's generous glow, all of her skin from head to toe. So gorgeous she was and so majestic that my mind seemed unable to comprehend her splendor or even compare her to any sinful desire. Her lips, black as coal but soft as Egyptian cotton moved swiftly to just barely kiss my fore head. The act seemed so innocent, but I knew her intentions were nothing but cruel.
    It was at that sudden moment that I woke up from my sickly sweet dream. My hand flew to my fore head and touched the black poison mark that stained my skin. The creature’s eyes widened and her mouth grew into a twisted grin. I felt my soul pull at my fleshly body. My real true soul from deep inside of me pulled and pulled away. It burned through my physical self and it took my heart with it. Tears streamed down my cheeks cold and wet like melting ice as I watched the astral form of my very being float away from me. All of who I was, everything I had ever know was being stolen from me. The horrid creature stretched out her fingers and snatched up my soul and my heart and in one greedy movement she devoured them.
    “Not bad for a soul so easy to steal,” she sung in a voice like spoiled honey, “too bad your heart was a little dry for my taste.”
    With that one humorless line she took flight out of my window and dissolved into the night. The reaper was gone, but I was a meaningless husk, losing my mind my memories and my future all at once.