• Name: Lerioh Blackwater

    Age: 32

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human (Dark Shadow)

    Abilities: Expert Swordsman, Can Teleport Through Magneta Dust

    List of Powers: Teleportation, Dust Shadows, Cthulu's Wrath

    Primary Weapons: Whalepiercer, one handed rapier augmented with water-based vapor waves.

    Alternate Weapons: Magnetanades, Grenades carrying Magneta Dust, Leriohs and Lerions Bane, similar lever-action handguns with incredible range and power, using magnetabullets.

    Appearance: Avatar.

    Biography: Lerioh Blackwater was an extremely dangerous pirate, who had an evil karma who was balanced by his twin brother, Lerion.

    One stormy, dark night, Lerion, 19, and Lerioh, 20, were fighting over the treasures they had found from a deserted island, as the chest was filled to unimaginable riches that would make any man kneel. Lerion had pushed Lerioh, and the ship rocked in the opposite direction, sending a tumbling Lerioh into Lerion, which was pushed overboard. Lerioh, had lost his brother to the merciless sea, and twisted his sanity into a pretzel knot.

    Lerioh, now twenty-four, was trying to find a way to bring back his lost brother, seeked the dark soul of Cthulu, which was said to grant one wish by the devotion of their soul. After many years of searching, at the age of thirty-two, Lerioh found Cthulu and devoted his soul, and became a shadow of Cthulu. He found his brother at the darkest depths of the ocean, his flesh eaten away by the saltw*ter tides.

    Lerioh is now a Dark Shadow serving Cthulu, and is travelling the Seven Sea's looking for salvation. His sanity gone, he looks for a reason to blame on the death of his brother, Lerion. He murder's anyone in his path and captain's a ghost ship, who's Jolly Roger is said to be seen on fire. The ship has a ghostly aura around it, which has been said to consume their victims..