As I was finishing up my last entry, I got out of an argument with a
friend whom.... well who was only trying to help me.

His argument was easy to understand, a quote turned lesson :

" It's better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all "

....I do plan to apologize to him before i head off to my job this afternoon,
but that doesn't meen I agree. Granted, I am not in love right now, and
the only experience I have is LITERATELY memories... But, i argue why i
"need to find a girlfriend, or boyfriend, to ease my soul".


= _=''''' I don't know.... perhaps he has a point.

All in all, for the moment, I have a job to get to... and a friend to make
amends with really quickly. Just figure i'd write this down here so
I don't forget it later. Who knows what might actually prove useful ya?