Here's a more longer list of my RP cravings heart

Bolded roles meaning the roles I play as~ (My characters are always submissive/uke) =3

teacher x student

student x student

Best friend x best friend

Rival x Rival

boss x employee (Craving)

bad girl x good girl

vampire x human

anthro (furry) x human

anthro x anthro (Craving)

elf x human

dragon x human or elf

naga x human (Craving)

werewolf x hunter

Alien x human

inhuman x human

phantom x human (Craving)

Shapeshifter x human (Craving)

Villainess x heroine

Monster girl x Human or Elf (Craving)

doctor x patient (Craving)

scientist x assistant (Craving)

Lovesick person x Nonreciprocal object of affection (This pairing can alternatively be a yandere x Nonreciprocal object of affection)

Reverse Trap x Unsuspecting person (Craving)

Trap x Unsuspecting person (Craving)


Feel free to ask me more about my roleplay interests or ideas via PM's X3