So, after much coaxing from a couple of people, I was convinced to stay on Gaia once more. I guess I just can't stay away from the site. I mean, some of the people can be genuine and kind, after all, and the avatar designs are so extensive, it's basically limitless to what you can create with your avatar.

I haven't openly gone out to search for friends again in the forums. I guess I'm just not up to that point yet, but a few people that wanted to friend me again asked me to send them a request once more. They understood that what I was going through was rough, and they held no grudge against me. It's really nice to see that people care in that aspect. Now, I still talk to these people outside of Gaia, too on Skype, but it's nice to see that people care enough to want to be friends with me again.

And I've almost finished sketching out the cover illustration for Darkened Destinies! So, I guess things really are starting to look up.