Some plots:
*These can be altered and tailored according to interests of the person I'm RPing with; these just serve as the basic bones

A Stroke of Bad Luck:

Things go downhill when a character decides to take the back roads as a means to bypass a major accident and get home faster. Unfortunately, soon left with a flat tire and no service out in the back roads/farm land, they are left needing to find the nearest place for help.

Potential to be a horror RP

Cliché Horror:

What started out as an innocent group of friends on a camping trip quickly goes awry when a stranger begins threatening them. Is it truly a stranger, or someone closer to them than they'd think?

Beauty & The "Beast"

After some unsavory dealings with dangerous people, in order to spare a loved one she agrees to go in place of them until their debt is repaid, sparing them any potential harm and hopefully motivating them to square up as soon as possible. Unaware of just what she was getting herself into she soon finds herself a "captive" to someone that comes across as abrasive initially.

* Beast can be in the sense of personality or behavior, not necessarily limited to physical appearance


After a particularly explosive event, she decides the best course of action is to get out. In the process of leaving she finds herself in a harsher part of town and has a run in with a few malicious people. Hasty in her escape, she ducks into the nearest place available; a biker bar. She plops herself into the closest booth and hopes that she wasn't pursued, finding herself face to face with a stranger whose personal space she'd just invaded. Is this person a safe choice, or someone she ought to worry about more than those pursuing her?

Bounty Hunter//Hunted

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time; that was the start to the whole unravelling of events that brought them to this point. They witnessed something they really shouldn't have, and reasoning turned out to not be an option. Going on the run seems like a good idea when one has no other options available, but quickly it deteriorated when someone had been hired to pursue them and bring them in; thankfully it stipulated that they must be alive. Whether that turned out to be a good thing later on, they didn't want to know. Ditching the last place they were hiding out, they went on the run again, but exhaustion soon sets in and proves to bring with it more problems; namely the person hunting them catching up with them.

Red Riding Hood
Take a shortcut through the woods, that's a bright idea. Unfortunately Red didn't seem to anticipate the sun setting and the forest becoming darker fast, even with just a little bit of light lost it was hard to keep your path straight. Soon she was wandering the trails in the dark of night, luckily having a little flashlight keychain on her, though it did little to illuminate her path. Oblivious, something was trailing behind her, and the more she focused on where she was going, the less she was aware of who or what was pursuing her.

*Can be anyone, not necessarily a wolf in the full sense.

In Over Your Head

What was she thinking? She should've known better than to get involved with the club, but yet here she was, hiding things for them and holding things when the heat was on. Hell, some were even crashing at her place periodically. She never thought it would lead to more, at least until she got up in the middle of the night, wandering to her kitchen in the dark. With a flick noise the overhead lights illuminated the room, and through her sleep clouded eyes she found herself at gun point, a figure sitting nonchalantly in a chair at the table. No doubt there for whatever was being stored at her house. From what she gathered, this person was likely from the rival biker gang that warred within their community for domination over the other one; a constant struggle it seemed.