"I've heard about a friend of yours," Alisa put a finger to her lips as she tried to remember the person she was talking about. "An assassin?"

Ryu looked surprised before it was replaced with sadness. It had been two years. He had't really moved on from it. "Oh... What about him?"

"There is a word about the king of Saia finally finding his long lost son." The blonde walked towards him and handed him a picture. It shows a boy with raven black hair, the fringe swept to the right. Porcelain skin with little hints of scars. He wore a gray suit with silver on the edges. What caught Ryu's attention the most is a pair of silver eyes. Sophisticated silver eyes. And the face...

"I-It's him... He's alive..!" Ryu would have rejoiced until dark thoughts entered his mind. Why didn't Yue come back to him to tell him he's ok? Or even send a letter?

Alisa sighed. "It is good to see your friend again. But there is a problem."

The words that left her lips struck Ryu. The photograph fell from his hands as the words echoed. Like his mind is faunting him...

"He doesn't remember anything."