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A Crystal Rose {A Master/Slave RP Guild}

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A Literate Master/Slave RP guild for making friends and roleplaying. 

Tags: roleplay, master, slave, friendly, literate 

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 6:40 am
This means taken

I will only rp breeding scenes with 18+

I will only do said scenes in pms or we cab do a time skip

Follow ToS

And lastly lets have fun!

User Image

Meet Me~
Height: (Optional)
Weight: (Optional)

So, You Want to Know the Basics?
Likes: (Optional)
Dislikes: (Optional)
Sexual Preference:
Abilities: (Similar to Powers, but not exactly. Think styles of fighting [eg: karate, street, hand to hand, long range ect.] rather than magically inclined [eg: elemental, healing, summoning ect.].)

My History, in Short:
At least one Paragraph, full, five to seven sentences.

My Position of Choice:
Uke [submissive], Seme [dominant] or Seke [both]

My Colorful Collars:
Up to Five {5} Collars

As Well as the Charms I call My Own:
Up to Eight {8} Charms

Tattoos/other: (Optional)
Theme Song: (Optional)

Who Pulls my Chains: {name of Master/Mistress}

What Drives me WILD: {list things you want in a Master/Mistress}


The Collars...

Black - dangerous

Maroon - Disobedient

Green - Calm

Dark red - Unbroken

Red - Broken

Orange - Hyper

Light blue - Happy

Grey - Slightly insane

Hot Pink - Flirty and Seductive

Light Pink - Sweet and kind

Blue - Quiet and shy

Yellow - Troubled past

Brown - Mysterious

White- Virgin

Purple- Giving

Gold - Loyal

Sky Blue: Always seems to have their head in the clouds. A slight space-case, but is very happy-go-lucky. Always eager to please whatever owner they might have.

Indigo: Meek, but non-submissive. Generally does what she wants, but, on a whim will do what is told to do.

Crystal - Special/Rare Species

Velvet - Gentle and loving

The Charms...

Sword- Guard

Heart- Loving

Numbers- Assistant

Book- Smart

Broom- Servant

small Bell- Pet

Wand- Magic user

Whip- Likes punishment

Rose- Pleasure slave

Cross bones- try's to escape

Large Bell- Singer/Dancer

Paint brush- Visual art

X- Has killed a master

Spatula- Cooks

Lollipop - Likes sweets

Pencil - Writer

Music Note/Mic - Can sing

Violin - Plays classical instruments(violin, piano, etc.)

Guitar pick(triangular) - plays modern-day instruments

Raindrop - Abused by previous Mistress/master(es)

Butterfly - Delicate, needs to be treated kindly

Halo - Very pure and innocent

Tree - Plant/nature lover, loves being outdoors

House - Had a Family

Bow & Arrow - Good fighter

Knife - Assassin

Broken Mirror - Permanently Scarred or Wounded

Crutch - Cripple (May be blind, deaf, lost a limb, etc)

Tree - Nature

Chain - Obedient

Flame - Disobedient

Snowflake - Cold, Independent, Alone

Ring - Was Married

Rattle - Has or had children

Crescent Moon - A dreamer, kind of a space-case. calm and/or docile
PostPosted: Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:31 am
User Image

Meet Me~
Name: Crystal Lyson
Age: 22
Race: Kitsune
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6
Weight: 110

So, You Want to Know the Basics?
Likes: Fixing things, being useful, daydreaming, reading
Dislikes: Her parents, the color pink, any bright colors, happy go lucky people
Personality: She's rough around the edges at times due to being a gear head but she doesn't mind. At first though shes shy and quiet but as she gets to know people her personality starts to show. She's smart and calculating but no one would know since she isn't the type to just hang in the back.
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Power: She has no known powers
Abilities: she can see spirits, and is easily subjected to others feelings, she has heightened senses like hearing and smell.

My History, in Short:
When she was just a baby her biological parents had passed away and so an orphanage had found her and taken her in. When she was only about a year old a human couple adopted her since her ears hadn't fully grown in yet and thought she was adorable but at five years old her ears and tail both started to grow and that was when her parents became disgusted with her. So her parents sold her to the slave market since they needed money and they couldn't stand the sight of her anymore.

My Position of Choice:

My Colorful Collars:

As Well as the Charms I call My Own:
-Broken Mirror

Tattoos/other: N/A
Theme Song: Windows in Heaven by We Are The In Crowd

Who Pulls my Chains: Hiroshima Sato

What Drives me WILD: Anything


Hilarious Lunatic

8,815 Points
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  • Partygoer 500
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