• Love Is Blind

    Love is blind
    That’s what they say
    At first I didn’t
    Believe as I may
    But sooner or later
    I finally found out
    That love is blind
    Without a doubt.

    I saw you last night
    Probably in a dream
    I couldn’t believe it
    It was accurate as it seem
    You smiled at me
    With a halo of light
    Encircling your face
    In the darkness of the night
    But you disappeared
    In a snap of a finger
    I guess in wishful trances
    I can no more linger.

    I entered class this morning
    As merry as early summer
    As I saw you pass by
    My eyes filled with wonder
    But all those awe in me
    Slowly shattered apart
    When I saw you hand in hand
    With a damsel in your heart.

    Then I recalled
    All the favors for you I carried out
    From papers to personal matters
    All done naively without a pout
    I suppose I was too sightless
    To see the whole veracity
    That only for convenience
    You were using me.