• You were there for me then
    Now I need you
    I have no one to speak to
    I try to speak but I have too many problems
    To stay as I was

    All people like you
    Have all the time in the world
    I may not
    I might throw myself of a cliff
    Or jump of a bridge

    No one loves me
    Everyone forgets me
    And do not speak to me
    I am an only person
    Who shall not go to great lengths

    I stay in my own dark corner
    I will not end my life
    Although I feel as though I am
    I keep to myself
    My pain and all

    I am jealous of all you have
    Everyone you bring to your attention
    The one true person who needs you
    Silenced by everyone around you
    Look at her and listen

    Live me on my own
    Deal with my own problems
    I will fail at everything everyone asks me
    The only thing I am
    A failure at life

    Maybe once I felt love

    Everything revolves around you
    Everything has to go your way
    Everything floats out of my grasp
    Everything does not go my way
    Everything is wrong

    One point is always constant
    I feel pain every minute of each day

    I love the way you smile
    The way you talk
    The way you walk
    I hate the way I look
    The way I speak
    The way I`m weak

    People say we should be as one
    Others would stare
    And say to stay apart from one
    We should not be a pare

    I leak of blood
    It keeps pain away
    Feelings as thought I might faint
    Staying weak and leaving the pain

    Adrenaline running through my veins
    Running away from things
    You stand up for what you think
    Is right and wrong
    You don`t feel my pain

    I`m pleading for help
    Your help to make the pain go away
    You`re the only person
    Who can make the pain go away
    Please help