• reconstructed soul - saved my life.
    found a way to see inside
    burst in through the crepid walls
    stopped me when i was about to fall.
    showed me a way into the light
    the real world outside my plight.
    you were the first to see through
    the shell of lies could not fool you
    when all else had been convinced
    that i was some invincible Chris
    they thought i was to strong to care
    that none could get me - no one could dare
    they didn't see the softer me
    they didn't see me fight for tears.
    you were the first to see the softer side
    you were the one who made me cry
    but tears of joy, of comprehending
    that somewhere someone understands me.
    the sensitive soul who was locked away
    could finally conquer the White Rage.

    all my hatred, suddenly gone
    what decker started finaly done.
    reconstructed soul, i owe you my all
    no matter what it is, just give me a call.

    because the tears that i have cried,
    have revived the innocent deep inside.
    you who saw through my darkness,
    reached inside, and rescued the hostage.

    i don't think "I Love You" could quite suffice
    since my love acts as a vice.
    it holds me down when i could rise,
    and lowers angels from the skies.

    because they love not me, but White Rage
    and deep inside i could kill that mage

    but for you who set me free
    i could cry out endlessly

    name your price and i can tame it
    with your saving efforts, none can reclaim it

    thank you could not describe
    the freedom that i feel inside
    the right to be me and be understood
    I never thought it could feel this good.

    and while you are the only one who sees inside,
    your efforts are what brought me back alive.
    and no efforts, from blade or gun
    could ever pay back what you've done.

    you did what i thought could not be done
    thank you, Reconstructed Requiem.