• 31st October 2006

    I am nine years old, and I have just arrived at my friends halloween party.

    My friend had only been in our school a few months, so I didnt know what to expect.

    When I look back at it, I really was an idiot.

    It's about 10.00pm, and its nearly the end of the party. After a few hours of scary stories and treasure hunts, my mother comes to collect me. Me and about 10 others were all in the garden, having a drink, when I hear my mother shouting, "Poppy!" (thats actually my name...heh heh)

    Anyway, I finish my drink, get up and run to the back door. This back door was one of those sliding ones which are made up of mostly glass, so I thought it was open, but it wasnt, so you can kinda guess what happened.

    *Splat* Flattened against door.

    Everyone was laughing, including me. It's funny, because even though I was a complete idiot, no-ones seemed to forget it, even though its been nearly five years.

    --the end--