• Hi, my name is Taylor.
    I've been bullied when I was a kid. It never happened, I had a lot of friends too.
    When I reached the age of 13 and started high school,
    Two guys walked up to me, and told me how ugly I was.
    I didn't respond. Some kids started laughing.
    I kept even more quiet, so I touched my face.
    Nothing seemed wrong.
    They started complaining about me of the matters of existing.
    It was poor fun.
    A crowd of kids my age and above jeered on me.
    I started to try and run, I breathed heavily, and collapsed when the biggest guy touched me.
    I was lifted home.
    No-one made fun of me again.
    Things went smoothly, I lived as I was ignored for a whole year though.
    I thought everything is fine still, I'm the ugliest kid but at least I wasn't tortured or anything, like Mosey Jones, being used as a punching bag for public display.
    To be honest, Mosey was a great kid, he was ugly and he studied with me at class, well Geographical class.
    I always try to do my best to hang out with him, but I never did.
    I felt disgusted when I thought because of him, be the next punching bag.
    It was true.
    I'm disgusted.
    Maybe if I change myself, and become popular like Hark and Matt (Two idiots who've sent me home), just maybe I can save Mosey without a single scratch.
    First thing first, popular guys need proper good looks right?

    I called my sister Brandy, 19 and hoping to be a beauty specialist,
    she wasn't getting any further then to be a clown make-up artist, then totally in companies of Skin+ and whatever girly stuff.
    Even so I heard she was cancelled since of her bad attitude towards judges and attendants.
    Yelling, swearing and even threatening, I only wanted her help because, she also had great talent, was also said.
    "Hey sis." I began.
    The call ended shortly with a loud beep, in a few seconds I realised, what she just did, she hanged up on me! Just like they say bad attitude.
    I sighed and called again, "Come on, Brandy!, it's urgent!"
    "Oh shut up" She snorted, ending the call again.
    "Damn it!" I hissed to myself.
    After ten minutes of recollecting myself I dialled the number again, "Sis, I have your baby photos and so will post it on Faceboo-"
    "DO YOU WANT ME TO KI-" I quickly hanged up.
    "Threatening", I thought.
    But even so, that'll out to bring her home, I'll just have carry a suit of armour with me by the time she arrives.