• i came walking down the hallway when i look around what do i see? i see thousands of kids some popular, geeky, ex. but that one perfect boy aaron crosby tall brown hair blue eyes
    football player,basketball player, swim,tennis, to describe him a jock. everyday i passed by him the smell of chocolate axe mmm smelt soo good. once in awhile he would look at me and when i did my heart would just melt just with warmth.
    one day was really special we bumped into each other when we did he looked into my eyes and told me wow you eyes i never noticed them they are beautiful. i just blushed and smiled. he picked my books up for me and whispered in my ear meet me after school. i said yes of course. time was ticking and my leg wouldnt stop shaking i was just soo anxious. i mean the most popular guy in school told me to meet him out side this is crazzzyy.
    finally seventh period let us out and i was walking then i went to meet him. he was leaning on his truck of course a big one it was black had nice rims exx. he saw me walkin and he stoped talkin to his friends i could here him he said excuse me but i need to go talk to this beautiful girl and my cheeks got soo red. and took my hand and kissed it.
    later that day he took me home told me to go put somethin on that we are gonna go to the mall he said he was gonna take me shoppin and but me whatever i want. i was soo shocked im like serious he said yes im serious soo he bought me over 400 dollar clothes.
    it was amazing how could someone like him like someone like me we are from two different worlds??
    well if you like my story soo far comment me and asked how you liked it and if you would like i cant continue with it. please dont critize it i mean i would never do anything like that to you. soo coment and ask if you liked it and tell me if i should continue writing.