• Death Angel
    Chapter 1: Life and Death-
    A Perect Match?

    Running throught he forest, afraid to look behind her, for what seemed like forever. Stopping as she came to a clearing, she looked around and saw nothing, but she was still on her guard. Out of nowhere, something began charging at her. In reaction she reached for her sword, but found that it was not there. Noticing there was no time to run, she put her arms in front of her face to prepare for the attack, but it never came. Removing her hands from her face she saw a terrifying, but beautiful man standing in front of her.

    The man stood about six feet tall and everything he wore was black; the trenchcoat that drug the ground, the skin-tight shirt with the picture of a gorgeous vampire girl, his baggy pants, and his boots.His eyes seemed to have changed from red to hazel glistened in the moonlight, and his skin as white as the full moon in the sky. His knee-long, silver hair fluttered in the wind as his trenchcoat caught wind and revealed two pistols, one on each hip, that appeared to be .45 magnums and they were both ivory colored. Thrown across his back was a Broad Sword just a few inches shorter that he was.

    He smiled at the girl and said in a mezmerizing voice,"Is this the thanks I get for saving your life?"

    Letting out a deep breath the girl answered,"Thank you. My name is Mitsuki."

    "My name is Vralin," the man responded and then whistled. A grey Timberwolf came out of the dense forest with a sword clentched in its teeth,"and this is Braise." Vralin grabbed the sword from Braize's mouth and handed it to Mitsuki.

    Sheathing her sword, Mitsuki asked Vralin,"Why are you way out here in the middle of nowhere?"

    Unsheathing his sword, Vralin pointed to a black orb in the center of it's hilt and answered,"I am searching for orbs like these, 'The Orbs of Elements', and there are claimed to be seven others. Mine is known as the....."

    Mitsuki cut him off saying,"The Orb of Death and mine is the Orb of Life," as she unsheathed her sword and pointed to a white orb in the hilt of her sword,"I am also searching for the ords."

    A low growling sound began coming from all around them as Mitsuki finished speaking. Looking at Mitsuki, Vralin said in a serious tone,"The nearest town is toward the west, go there now and I will meet you there."

    Not questioning what she was told, she began to run west. Mitsuki had to fight her way out of the clearing because it began to overflow with demons. After clearing the demonic beings out of her path she began to run as fast as she could. As the forest grew more dense, Mitsuki began to travel by trees to make her journey easier. Reaching the end of the forest, Mitsuki saw lights on the horizon.

    Arriving at the town, Loners' Valley, Mitsuki went to its pub, The Wolves Den, and sat at a table to wait for Vralin. A couple of seconds after she had sat down at the table, Vralin sat down beside her and placed a mug of a thick, red substance in front of her.

    "It's called 'Demon's Blood', and I've rented us a room for the night because i know you are very tired," Vralin said before taking a long swig of his Demons' Blood.

    Mitsuki hesitated before she took a quick sip of the gooey substance to get a taste. She let out a deep breath and the took a big gulp of her drink.

    Laughing Vralin said,"I would n't buy you anything you wouldn't like."

    Looking at Vralin, Mitsuki asked,"What has you searching for the Orbs of Elements?"

    "When you have no family, and you where made from a dark matter not of this world, to be used as a weapon, you find yourself pondering existence and why the other weapons just like you are doing everything they are told. I was a rejected weapon because my brain waves had innormalities they had never seen and they wanted to destroy me so the other weapons wouldn't get any ideas from my actions. I escaped and now I'm out to destoy Aztec."

    "You want to destroy the biggest company in all of Terra," Mitsuki responded surprised at Vralin's answer,"I never thought they were doing such terrible deeds."

    "Well they are and I hope you don't try to stop me," Vralin said to Mitsuki as his eyes began to turn from dark hazel to crimson red.

    Mitsuki smiled at Vralin and said,"Actually i was planning on helping you, if you don't mind that is."

    "Not at all," Vralin said, his eyes returning to their deep hazel,"Well we had best be getting to bed. We have a long journey ahead of us and we need to restock our supplies tomorrow"

    Mitsuki and Vralin walked up the stairs, and when they reached the top Vralin picked up Mitsuki, her lying across his arms, and carried her to their room. Vralin put Mitsuki on her feet when they were in the room and they began taking off their weapons and shoes. Mitsuki pushed Vralin onto the bed and pulled off his shirt as she slowly kissed up his stomach to his chest and then his lips. Vralin tickled up Mitsuki's sides as they kissed and then took off her shirt and kissed on the nape of her neck teasing her gently. Mitsuki stood up at the foot of the bed and pulled off Vralin's pants fiercely and then slowly pulled her's off.

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