• To tell the truth, I wouldn't want to be anywhere on Earth right now except for here. In his arms. This was the best place in the world, somewhere where I'd be loved, protected and cared for.
    I turned over in his lap and faced him. His eyes were shut gently under his dark hair and his breathing was still, very calm and his lips looked soft over his pale skin. I skooted in closer and whispered into his ear, "Psst, wake up sweetie. Raven, wake uuup." But, as usual, no responce. I leaned further back and twitched my noes [[something I do when I'm figuring something out]]. I placed my middle finger over my thumb and popped it to his head. Still nothing. "Raven! Get up!" I shouted in a whispery, hushed voice. His eyes quickly flashed open and e reached for me, tackling me back down. "Boo." He smiled that bright smile [[the smile that Nick has..for you new people it's bright and really happy]].
    He reached down to my cheek for a quick kiss. I laughed and hit him on the back, "Ugh, you had me worried there for a sec!" I wiggled my toes as it got colder and more darker out. He flipped back over straight, legs crossed. "So, you took me to dinner, went around town, and now you brought me here. What was it you wanted to tell me? The sun is already set." I said, sitting behind him back to back. I pulled my knees to my chest and looked at the stars. He sighed. "Your father has made a decision, Auir." I giggled, "What are you-" He turned me around and his eyes were sad. The navy color was more of a dull grey now. "Oh my God, wh-what is it?" He held my shoulders and tried to calm me down, but apparently, it didn't work.
    "Your father said...that he agreed in a contract with the Skye family. And that, one female from either side of the family...has to marry the male of the other race." At first I thought he was kidding, but I knew he wasn't. Raven, never lied to me. I reached for him in tears, digging my face into his shoulder. He held on tight to me and patted my back. "I wan- I wanted to marry you, Auir."

    [[clap clap clap and 3 years later. the story takes place]]