• I wish i had a chance to be one of your best friends,
    but only a slim chance i was lend.
    I wish that you and I were comfortable around each other,
    joking around and all, if it weren't for those who bother.

    My lips are sealed, but not to those i trust.
    So i wondered how my words flew around like dust.
    We weren't as this silent from the beginning,
    but when my once secret reached your ears, you began avoiding.

    Everytime we are near, the air thickens.
    My heartbeat and blood flow quickens.
    Wild butterflies would panic inside me.
    From our silence i want us to free.

    You gave colors to my dull and sullen world.
    Drew foreign shapes with curls and swirls.
    Even if that was just a moment,
    I cherish it in the midst of my lament.

    There were many things i wanted to do.
    I wanted to hang out and talk to you.
    I wanted to hug you or hold your hand tight.
    But my wishes can't come true, it isn't right.

    Your heart is already set for the girl that won your heart.
    A living beauty she is, just like a living masterpiece art.
    Her skin perfectly pale and natural like winter snow,
    those alluring eyes and her cheeks radiant of rosy glow.

    She has an irresistible sweet smile, and delicate voice.
    Her frame demure, and her posture showed grace and poise.
    Obedient, kind, humble, smart, and so much more.
    She's the dream girl every boy is looking for.

    I am in love with him, and he is to her,
    and she's in love with him, who am i to bother?
    I will disregard my feelings, so i may meddle no more.
    Then suddenly, i felt something that i haven't felt before.

    My heart sinks whenever someone mentions her name.
    I don't show it, but my envy becomes hard to tame.
    I don't know why, but bitter thoughts poison my mind.
    Still, i'll bear it, even if the voices i hear aren't so kind.

    "If only" scenarios pile up inside my head.
    And I know my mere thoughts won't mend
    the pieces of my heart on the hard floor.
    Oddly, i feel exhausted and sore.

    Sometimes, i wonder if you can see pain behind a smile.
    Sometimes, i wo ...
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