• Why, to be a ninja must be insanely cool
    To simply go to ninja school
    Would be a adventure
    I would endure.

    To throw a ninja star
    And hope it doesn't scar
    A harmless animal
    No matter how small.

    To run across water,
    ride on the wind,
    never once to falter,
    and never give in to sin.

    That must be how a real ninja are,
    a master in the art of stealth,
    going to bed with the morning star,
    never to be bothered with wealth.

    Oh yes, if I was a ninja,
    I would call myself Ginger,
    Train up a monkey,
    That would be so funky.

    And better yet,
    I would surf on the internet,
    Without a computer at hand,
    Because I'm so cool like sand. ...
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