• One step too far.
    One word out of line.
    And I see it falling apart, what used to be mine.
    Because actions speak louder...
    And actions are prouder,
    than words could ever profess to be.
    Is it me?
    Is it them?
    ...Who am I?
    Is it possible to forget who you really are, deep down in your soul?
    To forget your own tastes?
    To forget your own hates?
    To look in the mirror and see, without surprise, a stranger staring with empty eyes?

    Anger. Forget peace, forget sobriety.
    Forget that old tranquility.
    As the mirror smashes and my heart burns to ashes,
    it's like waking up in a strange new place.
    To an entire new reality.
    To a brand new face.
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