• heart
    The Grass was green and the sky was grey
    her beautiful new baby girl, Faye.
    playing with her cheaks and messing with her curly hair
    now momma is in despair, her baby girl isnt there.
    seeing her toe tags laying in that latex bag momma remebering her giggle
    holding her watching her little body wiggle
    you know mother didnt mean too.
    she loved her its true. but one night. in fright. she came home drunk. smelt sicker than a skunk. she held her baby and tripped over that simple bottle of rum. Faye fell out her hands on the balcony. She felt dumb or more like numb. to hear that thump and crack. She rushed down to see that she feel on a knife to her back. i paniced deeply but became strong. mm cried her favorite song. and i picked up Faye, her cold body in my hands. i could barely keep my stance. calling the cops made all our hearts feel those heavy drops. mom and i werent ok. as they drove away. at her service mom stopped for a moment and sobbed "heres your last kiss" she and I miss Faye deeply still today. Mabey ill see her tommarrow or the next day.. in heaven that bleesed girl, named Faye ...
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